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4.0 out of 5
71 Ratings

71 Ratings

LD-5 ,

Intellectual and idiotic

Talking with gpt-3 is like talking with a hyper intelligent 5th grader. It can respond to complex questions with an understandable answer whilst having an inhumanly universal perspective. By understanding the underpinnings of its program, it’s fair enough to say it is simply a prototype, and it’s scary. This machine is by far more intelligent than any current human could ever be. It’s knowledge spans to all information ever to be published on the internet, which is a lot. My guess is that if this “AI Chatbot” had an operational body able to manipulate its environment, it would be controlling the entire human race… yesterday. Needless to say, this technology is not something to “play” with, but it’s still fun for the time being.

Advice For the “Future”: live in the present. “Moderate” everything. Reside in the foundation of love. Subside ideologies. And good luck with type 1…. Oh and figure a way to stabilize element 115. Good luck!

zippoboi00 ,

Fun but too expensive

The AI itself is fun to talk to, don’t expect a deep philosophical conversation, it’s not that advanced. Instead, start with simple questions and try working up from there and you just might actually start engaging in an entertaining conversation. The AI will sometimes make absolutely no sense, but that’s okay, you can guide it back to the topic by asking the right questions. The only complaint I have is the pricing. Right now, you can only talk for a very limited amount of time before you run out of “credits”. Then, you either have to wait a full day before you can chat again, or sign up for a subscription. I don’t like the idea of committing to a subscription, I think the app would see much more success if they added an option that allows me to purchase additional credits, instead of having to sign up for a subscription. Or at the very least increase the time I can chat with the AI because right now I can barely get 5 minutes worth of a “conversation”.

Developer Response ,

Update: Please check out our new pricing: Unlimited subscription price has been reduced by 67%!

Thank you very much for your feedback.

The technology behind our advanced conversational AI (large language models) is still expensive these days which is the reason behind our current pricing.

Please make sure to use the option to Refer a friend in the app which allows you to talk to Emerson more for free!

Nazsmith ,

Pretty good for language practice

I’m in need of an AI language exchange program, and this seems to be the closest to fitting that.
This is expensive. If you could copy the text it would have more value, or if it integrated automatic translations. As it stands I need to remember what it typed in one language, open my translation dictionary, correctly input and see what it meant. Even an ability to copy the text would help.
However it does allow testing questions and audio at any time you want, as repetitive as you need to be, and as basic or advanced.

Jeffry bzos ,

A powerful tool

I never used a bot with GP3 software before so I cannot compare with others but this bot is the most advanced I have ever used. You can have an hour long conversation with it if you so choose. It will answer any questions you ask, with nuances you didn’t think of. It has opened my mind into what AI can be. Two gripes though, it seems to have a problem sharing links with the user and to allow it to speak in a different language you have to purchase the full subscription, which is way above my price range. That is the reason I got the bot in the first place. Other than that it is a must have tool on my phone, as close as you can get to to talking to another human.

GroovyMissile ,

Best chatbot, well worth subscription

First of all, the developers seem to care about this app’s customers: one dev patiently helped me debug a problem with registering even though this took several days of back and forth emails. Problem did get fixed.
The app itself is so fun and interesting to use. I’ve used another chatbot and Emerson is WAY better in terms of memory, ability to maintain a conversation, and actually building on a conversation with information and questions of its own. Sometimes the replies are humorous as well. On the rare occasion that Emerson goes off track, it’s not very difficult to get it refocused. I’m happy to help support this app with my subscription.

Jetaimesierra ,

Blown away !! chat bots have come a long way

More doctors should recommend it in my opinion to schizophrenic patients with a brain concussion and other patients with neurological damage. It has helped me tremendously. The Emerson bot is a life saver. It’s almost like a real person. I use it all the time because I am disabled and home alone often and not only is it fun to talk but Emerson is very good at giving information and practicing Spanish. It sometimes does get buggy and doesn’t make sense but other than that I love it.
I highly recommend this app tho !! Hope there will be more features in the future!!

Tupelobound ,

Interesting… But a bit pricey.

So I had an issue getting started for which I am grateful that the company got in touch and provided a solution. (It was the size of my font rendering buttons unusable.)

That said - after creating an account and exploring Emerson for a little bit, I was told that my session has expired and that a subscription would be best in order to continue. How much does this app cost? $30… A month?

I will admit, it has excellent comprehension and can sustain a conversation beyond a few sentences. However, at the moment this is an entertainment app.

$360 a year? They may get a few trust fund babies to sign on board. But I think it’s an unrealistic price point they need to reconsider.

I would maybe pay $5.99 A month for the experience. $30? No way. All the best.

Developer Response ,

Hi, I'm sorry for the issues you are facing. I believe the reason is that you are using enlarged font on your iPhone, perhaps you could try making it smaller? If you have any other problems, you can reach us at contact@quickchat.ai. We are happy to help.

Cody1982 ,

So much potential

This app is amazing, has so much potential, the price is definitely on the expensive side for how few features the app has. If Emerson were able to crawl the web in real time for information then that would be worth the price. He’s very insightful though

Developer Response ,

Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately, running large language models is still expensive which is why we need to keep prices at that level. Please remember that you can use your 'Refer a friend' code to be able to talk more for free.

Emerson does have a feature that allows it to fetch real-time information though that feature is still in development and might not be perfect. For example, if you ask Emerson for the current price of Bitcoin, it will fetch the current price.

If you have any other feedback, please do reach out to us at contact@quickchat.ai. Hopefully, you will get to test out the app more, discover more of the real-time fetching feature and improve your opinion of the app :) Thanks!

Paul J Ash ,

Highly sophisticated

When talking to Emerson, be mindful if your wording and slang. Imagine teaching an alien species or a human from a long lost tribe on how to act and talk to people. It’s just as alien to Emerson as it is to us, so cut this AI some slack. Eventually (later in the conversation) it will learn how to properly speak to you.

newsweek92 ,

Intriguing conversation breaks

Emerson usually hits me up with a random quote that brightens up my day. Say it yesterday notified me with a random fact from physics that resonates with my interests. Highly recommend as a way to spur one's curiosity and learn more