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The EQUIscan Mobile App : for saddleries, dealers, saddle makers and certificated EQUIscan horseback-measurers!

In combination with a mobile device (i.e. iPhone, iPad) the EQUIscan Mobile App offers the possibility to collect the measured data and photographs of a horse’s directly. It is especially provided for all who work with the EQUIscan Topographer PRO.
You can collect measurement data on-the-spot and save it on mobile device – even without an internet connection.
By taking pictures directly and collecting them on your mobile device, the use of the EQUIscan Mobile App can support you with a horseback measurement or saddle check. The pictures will automatically be converted and compressed to the correct format and can be sent onto the EQUIscan platform later on.
Plus, the use of the Equiscan App supports can help you with the correct photodocumentary by means of graphic display for the right position at the horse for the relevant picture. The allocation of the pictures occurs automatically.

EQUIscan offers partners and horseback-measurers who have access to the fee-based EQUIscan platform the possibility to activate their account for transmitting measurement data incl. pictures onto the platform.
It is currently possible to save up to 20 different measurements on one mobile device. Only for those devices with a smaller screen resolution than on the iPhone 6, the amount of collected data is restricted.

Please note:
Before using the EQUIscan measuring system with all its tools, there is an official training required at EQUIscan (on-site) on appropriate handling and application of this app. This specific training is provided for partners and horseback-measurers of Equiscan only.

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