ETER is a local PGP suite that perfectly combines security, functionality and modern aesthetics: it will be suitable for the needs of both a newbie who only starts his journey into the world of privacy and a professional who has been using encryption since its inception.

One of the app's most prominent features is zero connectivity approach - no matter what you do, ETER will never connect to the Internet: no analytics, no crash reports*, and no secret communications that have the potential to expose your keys. No messenger that claims to utilize end-to-end encryption will be able to provide you with that peace of mind. Utilizing the Secure Enclave in biometry-capable devices ensures that even in case of a successful remote malicious attack on your device, the saved password(s) for your key(s) will remain protected**. If no biometry found, ETER will refuse to save any password for more than one app session***.

With ETER you can
√ Generate RSA keys up to 8192 bits.
√ Edit already existing key pair's password, username, email and expiration date.
√ Share the generated public key or the whole key pair by AirDrop or by QR Exchange, if AirDrop use is restricted.
√ Import already existing keys with AirDrop, QR or from any other iOS app whether it is Documents by Riddle or simply Apple Mail (not recommended as keys may remain on the mail provider's servers).
√ Create complex PGP messages in intuitive Message Builder with HTML text, current geolocation, contacts, photos, videos, or objects of your Apple Files library. The created file will have ETGPG extension and comprise an archive with either obfuscated file names or not (ABC291.gpg vs Thesis.doc.gpg). These files can be decrypted by any PGP-compatible software, thus ensuring complete interoperability.
√ Sign the resulting file(s) by choosing the Signer element in the Message Builder.
√ Clearsign text-based messages (experimental).
√ Export either a PGP file, or ETER Link, or standard ASCII PGP for text-based messages. PGP file is a perfect option for any messenger/app other than iMessage. ETER Link is perfect for iMessage because it takes less space than a file tile, but the recipient must have ETER installed. Standard ASCII PGP is most appropriate for compatibility.
√ Create Message Builder templates with chosen recipients, signer, presence of Text and Time elements as well as any Settings related to the message-to-be.
√ Use iMessage Extension to quickly send a message using a template.
√ Conveniently view several messages at once by using (ETER 4)'s Message Browser. Hide (V) and then easily reinstate the browser from the main screen when you need it again. You can also clear (X) the decrypted messages from memory.
√ Use handy share extensions to quickly encrypt & decrypt text-based messages. "PGP Encrypt" extension also works with photos and videos.
√ Preview .gpg and .asc files in iMessage and other preview-supporting apps with ETER's QuickLook extension.
√ Protect you keyring by setting an app unlock password.
√ and more...

Please note that ETER comes with a fail-safe: even if you delete the application, the data will be preserved until the next installation. You can intentionally purge App Data by clicking three times on the logo.

I hope that you enjoy using the app and will quickly find the most efficient for you way to use it in your day-to-day communications. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me at

* ETER does not make internet connection hence it is unable to auto-send crash reports, that is why feedback and manual crash reports will be highly appreciated. Thank you for your support!

** For more information please refer to the article ( that discusses the security of ETER in detail.

*** The passwords are cleared from device's RAM when you force close - swipe up in the task manager - ETER or the system unloads it due to inactivity.

What’s New

Version 4.4

*** If you like ETER, please take a moment and rate it in the App Store! Thank you!***

This version features several important improvements and bug fixes:

√ ETER now seamlessly supports PGP/MIME format.
√ RTF documents will no longer be showed in plain text.
√ Decrypt screen is now capable of parsing files from iTunes File Sharing location.
√ Fixed several internal file system issues.
√ Fixed QR generation issue on all devices.
√ Multiple under-the-hood improvements.

Thank you for using ETER! Your feedback is very much appreciated: if you have any behavior to report, a concern or a suggestion, do not hesitate to reach me at

Ratings and Reviews

4.7 out of 5
3 Ratings

3 Ratings

NobodyBiz ,

High Quality PGP Implementation

Very high quality implementation of PGP. Probably the best I have seen on any platform. Some usability quirks need to be improved. I stopped recommending this to non-tech friends because it’s not quite yet “stupid proof”. Hopefully the author will continue refine interface to make it less prone to user error when using. Encrypting and decrypting files between apps is also a little rusty. Also when it renamed files it sometimes drops the original extension so when you decrypt it you just have a unknown file format. Otherwise, a great app. The “welcome” screen keeps popping up intermittently which is slightly annoying. Sometimes when you go to encrypt a file from another app using the “Encrypt” extension the keyring does not show any keys. I’ll keep this updated as I explore more.

multi app use ,



ETER PGP program is a life saver:
especially combined with its matching program ETEFET PGP Vault.
if you are on ios and need to be sending and recieving pgp/gpg files with others on multiple operating systems (ios osx win android linux) then the combination of these two programs is what you need. there are definately some glitches in each program, however exactly as they are they are highly flexible and configurable apps that i have been using for the past month or so and am very pleased with. even with the glitches they have been workable ease of use working apps that have allowed for sending txt/asc files, jpg&png files, single file zips and mixed file zips and more.
i suspect that if you are only sending and recieving files with other ios users that set up and usage is extremely simple, but if you need to be sending and recieving with other operating systems a little more patience is required to figure out the various usages and possible workarounds.
I am giving it/them 4 stars because of the glitches and unclear manual, but i would prefer to give it (them: the combination of ETER and ETEFET together) 4.5 stars to 4.75 stars even with the glitches as the combination of both apps/programs for me evens the glitches out because combined together they offer solutions for the glitches.
these combined two programs seem to be a much more complete and private pgp system than the pgpencrypt (green icon) program. if you need to be sending and recieving pgp/gpg with multiple operating system users, then the combination of these two programs is highly recomended.


Mark Parker
34.6 MB

Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


English, German, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish

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    With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app.

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