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Tep Bac Company Limited

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Miêu tả

Farmext is a comprehensive aquaculture farm management application, including: Log pond, and store safety information, calculating cultivation costs, calculating profits...

Not only does it save you time and labor, Farmext helps your farming grow with unlimited locations, because you can closely manage many ponds on many farms far from real-time.

The feature of Farmext is built based on the requirements of aquatic animal so that the app understands the specific manipulations and difficulties of the farmers to solve them in the most logical and intuitive way. As:
- Farmext has the ability to remind people on the pond everyday
- Pond data (such as environmental indicators, costs, feed usage logs, animal growth) are visually represented by a graph.
- Through Farmext, growers receive remote support from industry experts.

Not only that, Farmext also warns of disease in the area near your farm, so that the owner can take action promptly and reduce risks.

- Keeping pond diary
- Managing warehouse
- Managing expenses / income
- Working schedule
- Managing farming process
- Storing long-term data
- Assigning employees

- Warning and suggestions on farming techniques
- Specialists support remote farming techniques
- Many standard farming processes
- Connect with real-time environmental meters
- Disease alerts

Email will receive feedback, very looking forward to receiving many suggestions from you for Farmext to be able to serve you better.

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Phiên bản 3.2.8

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