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Escape to an island getaway filled with adventure, mystery, and fun new mini games from the makers of FarmVille, the number one farming franchise! Play this colorful free-to-play game, now available for iPhone, iPad, and iMessage app.

Build your very own beachside inn complete with island workshops, tropical crops, and exotic animals. Farm island fruits like pineapples, coconuts, and mangos to delight your guests. Craft delicious recipes and rare goods like piña coladas, grilled fish, and flower leis.

Catch fish with Capri the dolphin and explore with Odney the playful monkey! Feed tasty treats to the cute, playful animals on your island to get unique photo ops for your guests. Story-based quests help you explore uncharted areas, learn more about your island and find rare items and goods.

Adventure unfolds all around your island!

- Seek adventures on your very own tropical island
- Farm unique fruits and veggies, craft fun drinks and meet adorable animals
- Discover all of the tropical crops and exotic animals that call your island home
- Run a beachside inn and start a new life in paradise
- Play mini games and have fun with new characters like Ting

- Complete story-based quests with island guides like the archaeologist and surfing expert
- Explore the bubbling volcano and ancient monkey temple
- Discover hidden treasures and rare goods in the secret chamber
- Investigate uncharted areas to find even more island secrets

- Fix up island workshops and create your own personal paradise
- Buy a Tiki Bar, Sushi Stand, Artisan Workshop and more
- Expand your inn and hire guides to help your guests enjoy the island

- Build a Wildlife Center on your island with the help of Ting, the wildlife guide
- Attract rare and exotic animals to your island like the colorful Iguana by feeding them treats
- Earn rewards by snapping photos of the animals as souvenirs for your guests

- Trade with other players using the trade boat
- Short on eggs? Buy the goods you need from neighboring islands
- Have too many pineapples? Name your price and sell off extra crops and crafts
- The more coins you have, the more you can do on your island

Escape to a shimmering world of sunshine, adventure and fun in FarmVille: Tropic Escape! Download today and start building your island paradise!

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• This game does permit a user to connect to social networks, such as Facebook, and as such players may come into contact with other people when playing this game. Social Networking Service terms may also apply.
• The game is free to play, however in-app purchases are available for additional content and premium currency.
• You will be given the opportunity to participate in special offers, events, and programs from Zynga Inc and its partners. Use of this application is governed by the Zynga Terms of Service, found at http://m.zynga.com/legal/terms-of-service. Collection and use of personal data are subject to Zynga’s Privacy Policy, found at http://www.zynga.com/privacy/policy

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Phiên bản 1.119.8546

* FASHION WEEK is here in this NEW EVENT! Compete against other resorts to win guides!
* Visit the Spirit Garden again to unlock ALL NEW BUILDING MAKEOVERS and powerful PERKS!
* The ELITE LEAGUES are back with SEASON 8 of the CHAMPION’S CUP! Compete among the Experts, Masters and Legends for unique rewards!
* TALK LIKE A PIRATE with special PIRATE FRIENDS. Collect rewards from them every few hours!

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73,1 N đánh giá

73,1 N đánh giá

Starwarslinda ,

I love the game!! But has few problems.

I love the game but had stop playing it I notice people cheat on tournaments and the company seem like they don’t care if they cheat they do nothing to solve the problem. I think they should get rid of top tournament to be fair. They have so many tournaments in the game I couldn’t handle it and I had stop playing. Any game takes over 6 months to play isn’t worth play I got tired of playing all the time I got bored with it. I wanted get end of game but never got there since takes so long to finish the game. Mine it kept crashing on me all the time and company refuses to fix the problem just told me to reinstall which I did but still had crashing. I didn’t do well in tournaments because kept crashing all the time very frustrating to play the game. If they got rid of some of tournaments in the game I might consider playing again. I think they don’t want you to finish so have to keep playing so have to keep buying gems. I think this game to addictive to play you can really get hooked on it. One of reasons I stop playing I don’t want get hooked on a game. Now addictive is a disease and have to be careful not get addictive to it. I feel lot better not playing it but I do miss playing it. I play gamehouse games now and they are lots of fun playing and I get to finish the game less then month and I don’t have to buy any gems which is plus. Be careful everyone don’t get addictive to this game think of your health, take care.

niki la bella ,


I have played the game since the start! It has become so glitchy it takes the fun out of it sometimes. I am a mother of a special needs child and suffer from chronic pain myself, therefore I love the game to just zone out and getaway!
There are boosts that started several months ago. Suppose to be able to do 5 at a time to boost your points during the weekly tournament but our club has only had 3 for 6 weeks or more creating a strong disadvantage. Speaking of boosts......highly unfair allocation of points vs. timers which leaves the club very frustrated. Even more frustrating is when you use your hard earned money, to treat yourself and your club, and you get the majority of boosts as xp (experience) which does nothing except punish those at high levels in the game!
The creators need to take a hard look at customer service after 50+ emails, with screenshots, they still haven’t fixed our glitches! They tell us they are working on it and to be patient. When I asked for our club to be given gems or boosts packages they said no! It costs them nothing for this!
IF I COULD GIVE A RATING FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE IT WOULD BE -1! The only reason I give a 2 is because of the friendships I have made from wonderful people from all over the world!! This game is so fun and addicting when it works!! Zynga, get it together already!!!

MelB1031 ,

Liking the update! (At least for a short time)

*Update: ANOTHER month has gone by and the issue with cruise visitors not loading has still not been corrected... I have provided plenty of explanation of the problem, even photos to better explain and no response and no fix.

*Update: I seem to have spoken too soon, less than a couple hours after my review I started having issues again. Very unfortunate, I do enjoy this game, but it has been almost a month of the same problem(cruise ship visitors will not load which affects myself and my whole beach club as I can not contribute) and the Zynga support just seems to have stopped responding to emails.

I have been playing this game for years and still love it, recently I have been having lots of issues with certain things loading and progress being saved. I have been in contact with support, but had not been able to resolve the issues I was experiencing. I once again uninstalled the app and reinstalled and tried one more time, just to see because, again, I really do enjoy this game. I must say, I am VERY glad I did!! The newest update seems to have corrected the issues I was having with cruises and such. Also, game play seems so much faster and smoother, very very happy with the update! Thank you for resolving the issues!

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