Inizia un viaggio emozionante e senza tempo tra Napoli, Pompei e l'Antico Egitto.
Dal Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli parte un'avventura senza tempo in differenti epoche storiche.
Quella che comincia come la storia di un figlio che non ha mai conosciuto suo padre, diventa una storia universale e senza tempo dove presente e passato sono l'ambientazione del viaggio di Michael. Vai alla ricerca di te stesso attraverso le meraviglie di Napoli, vivi l'ultimo giorno di Pompei quando il Monte Vesuvio eruttò nel 79 d.c., sperimenta la vita quotidiana nell'Antico Egitto. Il passato è ciò che rende reale il nostro presente.
Tempo di completamento dell'avventura: 50-60 minuti. Alcune sezioni sono sbloccabili effettuando il check-in presso il Museo Archeologico di Napoli, publisher del gioco.
La colonna sonora di Father and Son è disponibile per lo scaricamento sul sito ufficiale del gioco.


Versione 1.5.1

Aggiunte le traduzioni dei testi in giapponese e tedesco.

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4.6 su 5
160 valutazioni

160 valutazioni

willow.taylor ,

It’s gorgeous and it’s free??

Honestly one of my top 10 favorite indie app games ever. It’s poignant, existential, and completely free, which seems unbelievable given the visuals and storytelling?? Sometimes when I try these story-based games they move really, really slowly and aren’t super accessible, but this one just throws you into the story. It might make you cry, it will definitely make you smile, and it could very well provoke intense dramatic feelings regarding the place of our lives in the universe. It’s also the perfect length—not too short, like some other story-based games, but you can also finish it in one relatively short sitting. Just a perfect piece of storytelling.
(It’s ridiculous to be a stickler on this given the absolute beauty of this story, but in the English version there’s just one typo in one of the letter sections at the end—it says “time has past” instead of “time has passed”—although this could be a pretty great intentional word play? Honestly I don’t even care about the typo everything else was utterly flawless. I am in such awe.)

Icaai ,


Just as the title says, this game is SO SOO good, but not seeing it in any of the charts makes me really sad. Most games you see hit the charts are just not as well-made as this. I can feel how much love the people behind this had placed into it. The art is very simple, but in a good simple! AND oh man I LOVE story-driven games, it's so hard to find any good ones that just really makes you feel emotions! Many other developers can take a lot from this game. Plus the animations and movements in this game is phenomenal. This game makes you go travel, it makes you go to the Naples Museum, not only do you have an amazing game, you also get to appreciate the art. I may not have went there yet, but I hope I get the chance to now! This game is absolutely incredible! I hope to see more from the creators, and I know they won't disappoint!

Copper Ting ,

It's a heartwarming movie.

It's not so much a game as it is a interactive cinematic story. You can "play"this in one night. I really like it because it is relaxing and you get to kind of see the sights and sounds of Naples in an abstract way. I actually cried a little at the Pompeii story. This game combines art, music, adventure and experience of a city together into a little walk around the neighborhood. I really liked that you could sit down and have some coffee. What would make this game a whole lot more interesting is if they featured more details in the interactive gameplay. Like if when they sit on the street, someone would bring a menu of Napoleon dishes or drinks, something that makes the game more culturally informative and fun.


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