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Once a year blooms a flower…
It is said that it brings fortune to the one who finds it...

Fern Flower is very atmospheric and compelling game.
Climb mystic mountains in search of those esoteric flowers.

Touch left or right part of the screen for character to jump accordingly.
Climb as high as you can. Collect fireflies for better score.
Gather fern flowers to unlock new characters and power ups.

Good luck!


Version 1.4

We added new character - Badger!

Notes et avis

4.2 sur 5
291 notes

291 notes

Béthy ,

This game has lots of potential.

This game is truly a great visual experience. I love the simplicity of the levels and the characters. It has potential to be something even bigger. One thing that would make this stronger would be creating an incentive for collecting the fireflies. What is their purpose? Some were in difficult spots and therefore a meaning for the fireflies would compel the player to challenge themselves when trying to collect them.

In terms of a scaling difficulty, if you choose to make the environment the focus (which I hope it is because it’s stunning) a scaling difficulty could be to add more environmental hazards as oppose to enemies. That way of the focus is on the level itself, the player will have to pay attention to all aspects of it to advance, including the hazards. The crumbling rocks is a great start. Keep up the great work!

GrellSutcliff95 ,

Amazing game

This game is very simple yet also astounding in its own right. It’s beautiful. The music and art style are superb. It’s got a calming sense to it. Simple to play even young children could play the game and enjoy it. It’s peaceful and has a nice selection of characters in the amazing art style. The game is so simple I think maybe adding just a tiny bit more to the game would be a bit refreshing. Maybe in future updates. The only thing I find difficult are that these flowers you need to unlock characters are few and far in between so if your looking to unlock the aurochs (the first unlockable character in the game.) you will be spending a lot of time and effort just to save up a whopping 100 flowers. I have yet to see any reason for the fireflies except to coax players of the rock side to get to them or to unlock an achievement in the Game Center. There is a reason for them later on in the game as the fox character will grant you a flower for every 30 fireflies you get but again this character is the I believe third unlockable character making the goal for the flowers you need seem almost unreachable. Again I’m not knocking this beautiful game but to really advance past the doe character you will be spending a great deal of time playing this game. But is that even a bad thing. Despite the difficulty advancing in this game I still have to rate it 5 outta 5 starts for how stunning and addictive it really is. Great job developers! 👍

Orbselsior ,

Great Job!

This game is amazing! The art style is by far one of the best I’ve seen on a mobile game and the controls are so simple but still require a slight amount of skill. But why did I only give it four stars then? Well, thanks for asking! There are a few easily remedied problems (if you could even call it that). Probably the largest one that I have noticed is the small amount of tiles. What are tiles? It’s the sections in the wall as you climb. The scenery starts to get a little dull after you’ve seen the same patch of holes for the twentieth time. And that stops the amazing art style from truly shining! Thankfully I’m sure the developers are already hard at work with more stuff but until then I’m going to keep my 4 stars.

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