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Fire domino begins with the dashing flames!

Tap with your finger anywhere on the screen to move those traps and gain all the diamonds!

The more challenges you beat, the more exciting levels you unlock, and the more dropping domino matches you'll reach.

Why are you still reading this?
Now go fire up the domino matches!

Enjoy the toppling of perfectly lined matches and fire up domino.

How fast and awesome you are with puzzles and arcades with one touch?

Be the smartest and fastest of your friends in passing levels and increasing difficulty. One thing's for sure is you'll never put this game down!

Fire domino is a free and unique puzzle and arcade game with fire matches that fall like domino.


• Simple One-Touch Gameplay
• 100+ Levels
• Amazing graphics and minimalistic artwork

How to Play:

The fire begins and you press anywhere on the screen to move the traps.
make the fire goes to the end and enjoy the toppling of perfectly lined matches and fire up domino.


Versión 1.95

New Progression.
Little bugs fixed.
Changes for better metrics.

Valoraciones y reseñas

4.7 de 5
335 valoraciones

335 valoraciones

kinkingamer ,

Super fun

Highly recommended, super fun. It’s free, just try it!!!!

wysocki2012 ,

81 and 113

I couldn’t get past this level because the flame keeps going out. There’s no countdown like other times the pink ball gets lit on fire, and I’ve tried letting the ball sit on the fans for a long time, and it won’t go out, but just as it touched the next set of matches, it goes out so the level won’t continue. This happened on both level 81 and 113 and I got lucky that the game offered the “ skip level” option eventually.

Buckston85 ,

Fun little time waster but...

I was having some fun with it, something to kill time, but I cannot get past the level I am on. The flame goes out so fast that it is impossible to get to the next set of matches and I can’t move on

Respuesta del desarrollador ,

Hi, please write us to: We are always working in improving the User experience. So contact us directly.

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