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**Essential for trainers. Salted Balance (Old name : 'Fitness Note')**

**Make your personal training smart.**
Assess center members' body balance by 'Salted Smart Insole' and suggest personalized workout plan with 'Salted Balance'!

You can manage the members easily and provide personalized workout solutions.

**Primary functions**

1. **Body Balance Assessment**
‘Salted Smart Insole’ has foot pressure sensors, which tracks the center of pressure (COP), assesses walking patter & gait.
2. **Workout solution**
'Salted Balance' provides personalized corrective exercises for the body balance.
3. **Cloud Synchronization**
Fitness members' data can be synced to the cloud service.
Anywhere, anytime, you can check the assessments by application.

※ Salted Smart Insoles/Shoes are needed to use 'Salted Balance'.

**How to Use 'Salted Balance'**

1. download 'Salted Balance' from app store
2. Please send your center name to register (+82-70-4048-3912 /
3. Sign up with an ID that you requested to register
4. Subscribe Salted membership service
5. Connect device by bluetooth
6. Register, assess the body balance, then provide workout plan
7. Salted makes smart training.

**Customer Center**

- Email : (replied within 2 business days)
- Call : (+82-70-4048-3912) (10am - 17pm / lunch break 12:30 - 1:30)
- To affiliate :

**Privacy Policy**

**[Essential Authorizations]**

- Bluetooth Device : Authorization is required when connecting/disconnecting smart insoles/shoes.
- Camera : Authorization is required to analyze the body type by photos and videos.
- Storage Space : Authorization is required to up/download body balance assessments.
- Device and App histories : Authorization is required for data collection (for better service)

**[Optional Authorization]**

Marketing authorization

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버전 2.00.19

Improvements and minor bug fixes for smooth service provision

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Data Not Linked to You

The following data may be collected but it is not linked to your identity:

  • Contact Info
  • Diagnostics

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