Surprisingly popular game with more than 100,000 downloads!
・It's fun to just run around casually!
・It's exciting when you find lottery machines!
・The in-game skins and random items make this game addictive!
It's completely free and perfect for killing time!!!
It's so much more than a flying gorilla game!

■How to play

・If you crash into any obstacles other than pigs, it is game over.
・The gorilla will return to ground level when you take your finger off the screen.
・Swipe the screen to move around.

Collect the in-game currency "G" to have a go at the lottery machine!
You can find skin eggs and use them to collect skins!
Once you have all the skins, you will get access to legendary primates.

■How to move

Moving around is simple!

・Simply swipe the screen to move the gorilla left and right!!!


・When it's hard to judge
->If you're unsure whether to swipe firmly, consider taking your finger off the screen to return the gorilla to ground level.


While this game was first released a long time ago, I recreated it from scratch and tried to make it more entertaining and addictive.
I hope you will enjoy it!
The action game "Flying Gorilla" is a free app but it only exists thanks to the support of everyone. Thanks for always playing!

What’s New

Version 2.54

Leader board was fixed.
Fixed a bug where you can earn fewer gold eggs.

Ratings and Reviews

4.9 out of 5
8.3K Ratings

8.3K Ratings

Arandompersonthatplayssaidgame ,

Flying gorilla is not of this plane of existance

A few days ago I was woken up by aliens in my backyard. I was puzzled at first as to why the creatures ended up in my backyard of all places, and what they wanted. Upon contacting them they explained the order of events and what I must do to save the universe. Apparently they recently escaped from Area 51 to avoid getting their cheeks clapped by 3.1 million Naruto runners, and they wanted to give humanity a gift for their hospitality before they leave back home forever. This gift was flying gorilla. It automatically downloaded onto my phone and when they left I played it for a half an hour before going back to bed. The next morning I woke up and my vision had been completely repaired! With joy I threw away my glasses and realized that I could stand again! After tossing my wheelchair in the trash I noticed that my dentures hurt. After I took them out I realized that my teeth had grown back in! As I stared in disbelief in the mirror at my new teeth I pondered how this was all possible. But deep down in my heart I already had the answer; flying gorilla. The gift from the aliens fixed my body and my mind. It was a technological breakthrough, and when I release this app I am sure that the global economy will blast through the roof, the greenhouse effect will mysteriously disappear, and all trash left in landfills and the ocean will turn into food and plants. this is the beginning of a new era, all thanks to flying gorilla.


Flying Gorilla changed me for the better ;)

About 5 years ago, my family was living on the streets in Tucson, Arizona. We had no money, no jobs, and some days even food. Until one day I decided enough is enough. I kissed my family goodbye and set off for a better life. I had manage to hitch multiple rides by performing many unspeakable acts in order to get me to Los Angeles. Once there, I applied to multiple fast food chains, restaurants, and stores but none would accept me. So there I was, back on the streets, no food, barely any money, and no hope or dignity left. Until I found a ad for a game tester in Japan. I used what little money I had left I used it for a flight to Japan, no baggage, no hotels, no nothing. The very next day I got there I was greeted by a man named Kazutaka Tottori. He speak very little English but I managed to get him to take him to his game studio. I then proceeded to try out his latest new game, titled “Flying Gorilla”. I pressed the start button and was astonished by the mind blowing gameplay and impressive visuals. Who would’ve thought by testing out this game I would begin a life full of luxury as one of Tottori’s best game designers. Since then, I have made many new updates to “Flying Gorilla” and started working on other new projects. I have used my salary to help my family back in Tucson and to help others in poverty. This game changed my life and hoping if you play this game too, it will change yours.

Marp(f) ,

I love Flying Gorilla

I can't live without Flying Gorilla. It's been 3 years. 3. Three years ago, I was a happy man with a lovely wife and two adorable children. I had a decent job and was living happily when Flying Gorilla came out. I first heard it from my friends. Appearently this was an app where you can fly as a gorilla. Those friends also sent me pictures they took. "It looks fun" I thought. I, in fact, didn't buy it. At first, I log onto Flying Gorilla for half an hour. It was fun. But day by day, I log onto Flying Gorilla more. After a month, my daily routine of Flying Gorilla became 6 hours. I even forgot to eat, or sleep. My wife tried to contact a doctor. I told him that there's nothing to worry about, and my wife is just making it up. As I was never leaving Flying Gorilla, my wife became mad and filled a divorce paper. I was too busy playing Flying Gorilla to even attend to court. As a result, kids' custody had been taken away, but that was nothing to worry about for me. I had Flying Gorilla, and that was the only thing important. I was fired soon after I was never going to work. That made me happy, since there was more time left for me to use Flying Gorilla. I used my savings to rent a small apartment. There were no furniture but my phone and my chair. All of my acquaintances stopped speaking to me. I have no social life right now. The only thing stopping me from ending it all is Flying Gorilla. I can't live without Flying Gorilla.


Kazutaka Tottori
144.7 MB

Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese

Age Rating
Rated 4+
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