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Flyr Social es el primer estudio de video social completo para iOS. Exporta videos profesionales con licencia comercial, imágenes y GIFs para tu marca en minutos. Crea video historias promocionales de vanguardia.

-Selecciona de entre docenas de plantillas o crea proyectos desde cero.
-Acceso a miles de videos de stock, fotos, GIFs y tracks de audio.
- Crea composiciones usando hasta 30 capas de video + escenas múltiples.
- Crea y exporta formatos horizontales, verticales, cuadrados o personalizados.
- Agrega tus propias imágenes, videos, tipografías colores, logo y audio.
-Conecta tus cuentas Dropbox o box para acceder a tus videos e imágenes.
-Renderea tus videos desde la nube.
-Todos tus proyectos respaldados en la nube.

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Flyr es gratuito e incluye compras en la aplicación. La suscripción se cargará a su tarjeta de crédito en su cuenta de iTunes en el momento de la compra. Se renovará automáticamente después del Período de prueba gratuito a menos que la renovación automática sea desactivada al menos 24 horas antes del final del período actual. Puede administrar su suscripción o desactivar la renovación automática en cualquier momento en la configuración de su cuenta de iTunes.
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* Recomendamos usar en iPhone 6 o versiones posteriores con iOS 10 o superior
* Necesitará una conexión a Internet para usar Flyr


Versión 6.9.7

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4.6 de 5
2.1 mil valoraciones

2.1 mil valoraciones

Mo-Mints ,

Best photo/video production app out?!

I've been blown away by the experience I've received with Flyr. I'm an absolute social media junky so I'm always putting out content for my subscribers and fans. This app helps me produce absolutely gorgeous photos and videos from my iPhone or either iPad. I've not used a better editing app on my devices ever. It's so simple to use. Just using it for a few days and I've decided to get the Flyr Pro subscription. All my friends have been asking how I edit my photos and videos because they look so great. You can't go wrong with this app. Everything about it is perfect. Definitely a must have editing app on your device!

Tom Senta ,

Features change inquiry

What has happened to the Flyr ios app? The templates have disappeared with only a limited amount available. Also I asked for a feature to be updated via Slack but the Slack page is no longer available. I wanted to be able to animate per entire element again. The change to only being able to animate per word within a phrase or per letter within a word makes my creations look a little tacky. Having clean full element in/out animation is a simple and elegant feel that is lost in the new Flyr iteration. Are there plans to reintroduce that? Also I am not interested in using a desktop/laptop computer to use the web version of Flyr. Has the web based version replaced the develop resources for the app version? I have noticed there is limited help resources and no respose via social media anymore since the advent of the web based version. Please help me! I have a subscription that I may have to cancel and reallocate to some other developers. Thanks for your attention.

MovingForward ,

Missing basic functions

The app is unusable until basic editing functions are integrated. Cropping - for instance.

Many of the templates have specific image dimensions, but when importing relevant images, those images import at their native resolutions and don’t fit into the templates. The pinch and zoom isn’t a solution here, because the images need to be a specific aspect ratio to fit the templates.

Even if I was to go to another app to crop the images to the proper aspect ratio, it would be trial and error since there is no indication as to what size the images in the templates need to be.

Unfortunately, scrolling through the reviews, it seems most of the 5-star reviews are generic spam reviews and the honest reviews are mostly average to negative.

I need a tool like this one could be. Unfortunately, I’ve just spent the last hour trying to chase down a solution as simple as how to crop an image to fit into a template... to no avail.

[Response to dev]
I’m not editing a background layer. After going back to the app several times, I’ve finally figured out how you’ve designed “cropping.” You want the user to crop on the “add image” page by moving the image around the art board there. The image then imports to the project as the original dimensions. But with transparency where the image has been moved from.

Backwards way of doing it... and makes it more difficult to crop properly when not in context of the whole project. But it’s something.

Respuesta del desarrollador ,

Flyr certainly offers cropping, filters, and way more (really way more) functionalities! If you add a new media layer (from the editor tap + and then "images or video") to select any image, video or gif you like and the layer will adjust to match the proportion of the selected media. From there you can tap in the format button(this option doesnt shows for background layers) to switch between common formats, or confirm and exit to then adjust to any proportion from the main editor(by changing the layers proportion). We tried really hard to understand your frustration and somebody at the team realized that you were trying to change the aspect ratio of your background layer. As in any other design app, the background layer is a special one, when you change it, it changes the format of your composition (photoshop, after effects all of them works the same way) So to achieve a different cropping-format you need to go to the top menu in the main editor and then tap on the "format" option(second from left) and then select from any of the 25+ formats available.


FlyrTV, Inc.
155.6 MB
Foto y vídeo

Requiere iOS 10.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.



Compras dentro de la app
  1. Flyr Pro Monthly $2.99
  2. Flyr Pro Monthly $2.99
  3. Flyr Pro Yearly $29.99


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