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Followers is a glorious combat strategy game. Take on a role of Cleric for one of the two deities Grimmer or Properius and get them new Followers in epic battles.
Build Your settlement, develop your knowledge with Techtree and customize Yourself with dozens of unique items.

* Free to play!
* You can choose to play with Grimmer or Properius
* Join or create Cults to co-operate with other Players
* Forge dozens of itmes to increase Your Cleric power
* Build Your base in beautiful environment
* Fight against other players worldwide
If you have any issues with the game or want to send us feedback, please contact visit us at www.followersgame.com
Thanks for playing!


The game is not available for iPhone 4. On the iPad2 and iPhone4S may cause some stability issues.

A network connection and iOS 7 or above are required. Followers is optimized for iPads and iPhones generation 5S and newer. The game is free to play, with additional purchases available in-game. Game is NOT compatible with iPhone 4 or the iPod Touch 4th Gen

Co nowego

Wersja 1.1.0

Introducing Sonic Age!

New unit: Scourer
New levels: Monk level 5, Gunsmith level 5, Digger level 5, Mechmonk level 3 and 4, Dummy level 3 and 4, Skyrider level 3 and 4, Anointed One level 3 and 4, Nun level 3 and 4

New spell: Penetration
New levels: Wrath of God level 3, Rampage level 3, Fog of War level 2 and 3

New building: Belfry
New levels: Walls level 6, Gold Mine level 6, Mana Collector level 6, Gold Storage level 6, Mana Storage level 6, Monastery level 9, Training Ground level 4, Chamber of Faith level 3, Library level 4, Divine Portal level 3, Bum Bum Eve level 4, Hidden Spikes level 4, Barrel of Fun level 3, Fire Drone level 3, Steam Cannon level 5 and 6, Gunsmith Tower level 6, Volcano Cannon level 5 and 6, Air Mine Spitter level 4, Frost Spitter level 2

Clerics Items
New Items:
Properius: Comb Morion Helm, Crystal Plate, Holy Blaster, Crystal Kite Shield, Iron Boots, Idol of Vitality
Grimmer: Epic Dark Barbuta, Dragonscale Chainmail, Lava Blaster, Dark Stone Grinder, Dark Ice Boots, Idol of Vitality

New features:
Players now have an option to move and rotate multiple wall pieces at one time
Units balancing
Many bug fixes and tweaks

Oceny i recenzje

3.8 z 5
Ocen: 5

Ocen: 5

War Thief ,


I've played this game for a while now and the gameplay is great. I love the way you can customize yourself. It is a good game to pass the time with

CynthiaAvey ,

Great Game

How can I change to the Grime side? But what update? Not updating why? Help fix the update it keeps saying good news a new version of the game update now? Where is the new update? Can not play help ty Ummmm can't play help hurry, I will rewrite this. Thanks

BBRartist ,

Great game I'm loving it

Great game guys there's good graphics and this game is super fun


Fat Owl Sp. z o.o.
200.9 MB

Wymaga systemu iOS 5.1.1 lub nowszego. Zgodność z urządzeniami: iPhone, iPad oraz iPod touch.



Rzadkie/łagodne sceny przemocy w wersji komiksowej lub fantastycznej
Prawa autorskie
Zakupy w aplikacji
  1. Phial of Ambrosia $4.99
  2. Cup of Ambrosia $9.99
  3. Flagon of Ambrosia $19.99


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