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Foscam APP,是由全球领先的民用安防专家、Foscam网络摄像机制造商深圳市福斯康姆智能科技有限公司官方出品的手机APP。
Foscam全新开发,重新设计了UI和界面架构,为您提供更清爽直观的操作体验。通过Foscam,您可以方便快捷的添加新购买的Foscam摄像机,远程观看摄像机的实时画面,远程控制和设置您的摄像机。借助于Foscam云服务,您在Foscam APP上添加的设备和设置均会无缝同步到Foscam云服务,以后不管您是重新安装了APP,还是更换了手机,还是从Foscam云服务网址www.myfoscam.cn登录,您已添加的设备均会永远在那里,无需再次添加和设置。基于Foscam云,我们还会为您继续开发更多实用的功能,敬请期待!
- 设备添加向导,引导您更快捷的添加新设备。
- 支持Foscam EZLink快速无线设置技术,让您无需网线,无需按钮,直接在几十秒内配置好您摄像机的Wi-Fi.
- 查看实时视频。
- 远程控制视频,如双向语音对讲,抓拍与录像,PTZ控制,红外灯控制,预置位与巡航。
- 设置摄像机,如Wi-Fi设置。
- Foscam云服务账号登录。
注:Foscam APP仅支持Foscam的高清摄像机,MJPEG编码的标清摄像机请继续使用老版本Foscam Viewer APP.
       欢迎Foscam老版本APP Foscam Viewer用户安装使用此最新版的Foscam APP.


版本 4.5.2



2.4(满分 5 分)
561 个评分

561 个评分


Log-in issues

We’ve been using the app and camera combo as a baby monitor with varying levels of success for 2 years but tonight I can’t make it work at all. We took our camera traveling for the holidays and have gotten pretty good at setting it up at each new location (have to delete existing camera and add “new” even though it’s the same camera). This process involves creating a new user name and password each time and lately this has been an issue. It manifests in two ways: I follow the exact parameters for each and it won’t accept them so the submit button remains unclickable or it accepts them, I click the submit button but then get a “failure to modify” message. So the camera is currently unusable and I have to sleep in the room with the baby until this gets worked out.


Needs Lots of Work

The app is inconsistent connecting to cameras. Very frustrating. Even when I know cameras are online this app does not always find them. Even when it does find them it may connect for only a few seconds then loses connection. Very very frustrating. Please fix this. There are not any good alternatives that I have found yet, but I will keep looking. Not sure how you can sell cameras with such a terrible way to view them. Please make this app connect constantly and stay connected once the connection is made. So far it barely deserves a 1 star rating. Also the app does not give you access to all of the settings for the camera so when set it up you better get it right because changing the settings is not possible outside the network.

In response to contacting support I have done that and am working with them. So far they have not had any suggestions that have improved the P2P connection. There last solution was the set up a static IP and dens service then set up port forwarding to set the camera up. But this is an internet service that does not provide a WAN, or out side IP address. So I need help making the P2P work. That is why I bought the camera. They connect with echo show at the same time that I am unable to get the camera to connect via the app. The app needs work.


Dear Bihdry,

Sorry about the inconvenience caused to you.
For your case, we hope to get more details to provide the solution.
Could you please contact with us via
We have professional support team to help you fix the issue. Thank you.

Cor Yna

I don’t get the hate

I’ve been using this app for four years now and it’s simply great. I have purchased new Wyze cameras but my five of my six C1 cameras are still up and running for all this time with zero issues. So they are still in use, and the sixth is working too. The app connects all the time, either on WiFi or LTE. Sometimes, if you open other apps after checking your cameras, the Foscam app may not connect (a dead give away is when one or more of your cameras thumbnail previews show the camera as “off”). The solution for all these years, through all the upgrades, has been to force close the app, then reopen. To close the app on gesture-only displays (no circle ‘Home’ button), swipe from the bottom and when the recents open, close Foscam by swiping up.
For button (fingerprint button), fast double hard click on button, then swipe (not sure if up or sides). Come on. It’s not rocket science! This thing works.


Dear Cor Yna,

Thanks for using Foscam app and cameras. We will keep improving our products and provide the best experience.

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