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~~> Learn shapes, colors, numbers and more in this fun, interactive animated adventure!
~~> Your kids will never forget their shapes and colors after playing this story game!
~~> 11 interactive learning games inside, including puzzles, matching games, counting & more!

In this rich and interactive educational game, everything is alive - touch any scenery object or any of the leading characters to see what they can do. Join Circle as he sets off one morning to find his friend, Star. Circle meets many more shapes along the way who aid him in his quest!

> This educational game is great for children in pre-k and kindergarten!
> Interactive fun will teach them their shapes, colors, numbers and ABCs!
> Your child will learn a lot while having a blast in this crazy shapes adventure!
> 11 animated games inside to keep your child interested, amused and always learning!
> Awesome puzzles enhance the story and promote critical thinking skills!
> This creative story game improves your child’s motor skills and the ability to concentrate!
> Beautiful animations combined with a rich narrative makes for incomparable play-time!
> Automatic reading feature reads the story to your pre-k or kindergarten cutie!
> NEW! Tangram! A puzzle game will turn your kid’s favorite shapes into their favorite animal!
> NEW! Shapes & Colors! A classic wooden puzzle to teach your child their shapes.
> NEW! Shape Slicing! Another shape learning game – Slice the shapes and learn their names!
> Story Time! An unforgettable story brings personality to the shapes!
> Tons of coloring pages to help your child use their artistic side while coloring in many shapes!
> Each game reinforces the shapes and colors the children learn along the way!
> Educational jigsaw puzzles will exercise your child’s memory skills!
> Your child will love our memory match games! Each image is beautifully illustrated!
> Your child will enjoy matching the missing pieces to their place to complete the puzzle picture!
> A hidden objects game will teach your kid basic and advanced shapes!
> Fun games to teach your child their numbers and how to count a range of shapes!
> A great way to learn basic and advanced shapes and colors, numbers and vocabulary!


Version 2.8.2

> Bug Control - We sprayed some more bugs... eww!
> Improvements for better game performance.
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Notes et avis

4,5 sur 5
47 notes

47 notes

Tejasmom ,

My toddler loves this!

There are so many fun things for my 2 year old to do in the app. She has figured out how to navigate to all her favorite games too. There is coloring with so many colors and stickers and shapes. She also loves doing the puzzles. I am amazed at how quickly she learned how to do this, she even "makes" me play with her, we color together and she tells me the colors. It is very fun for both of us. Obviously, I wouldn't play it by myself, but it is neat to play with her and see how much she has learned :)....

After looking at other reviews, I want to mention that I DID NOT purchase, I have the free version. And I haven't had any issues.

carri-berri ,

Good but....

This is a wonderful game. My then 15 month old daughter loved it. She's 21 months now. She still plays it now I notice she gets frustrated playing the game now.
When turning the next page her hand sometimes accidentally hit the ad at the bottom or if she drags the missing puzzle piece to put it where it goes her hand again sometimes hit the ad.
She doesn't fully understand why that's happening and she gets frustrated. I don't understand why a game geared for little kids would be created with ads. I know ads are annoying for adults but it's kind of senseless to create ads for a toddler/child reading game. What bugs me most about it are ads for credit cards and adult advertisement. If you must have ads it makes sense to advertise other infant/toddler kids games otherwise removing it all together would be nice and make da game more enjoyable as with all the other auto/self reading kid stories.
Other than that we love the story and da puzzle games. My daughter can now identify different shapes, put puzzle pieces together and recognize her colors. She's not even 2 yet.

NHTravelgirl ,

Kids love it, but they don't have to purchase it multiple times

It is clever to put the ads at the bottom of a game for toddlers - because they are bound to hit it repeatedly and parents may be inclined to go ahead and purchase just to stop the ads. But - why doesn't that carry over to multiple devices? I have twin two year olds. I have the app on my iPad - but yesterday both boys wanted to play it. So I downloaded it to my phone, only to find ads again. It's so disappointing to read the reviews and see so many people back to 2012 loving the app, but having the same complaint. I had started searching for more by the same company but it doesn't make sense to have to purchase the app for each separate device we have - so I won't purchase more until that is corrected. Very disappointing.

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