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Get ready to be confidently prepared to take and master your Milestones in Biology and Physical Science. With over 100+ learning activities and topic quizzes for both subjects, you will definitely feel a certain amount of proactive knowledge to take and excel on your milestones assessment. Our online courses are built from years and years of working with students in the classroom and tailor making teaching, learning, and instruction to our students needs. We constantly and consistently work to evolve our teaching methods and practices to better help our students learn and retain content material for mastery.

Our online courses provide the following:
- A learning structure setup in the format of the Georgia Milestones Assessment Breakdown for Biology and Physical Science
- Lessons that contain detailed topic reviews for each domain of the Milestones assessment
- In-depth videos with guided notes to help you retain knowledge and information
- Reading articles with assessment questions to check for understanding
- Topic quizzes for each topic covered to ensure mastery of learning
- Quiz items are in several different formats including single answer, multiple answer, fill in the blank, matching, sorting, and free response type questions.
- Numerous diagrams are included for students to analyze and draw information from.
- Proficiency sheets are provided for each Domain to check for mastery of each learning target and what concepts need to be revisited. Students are held accountable for their own progress of learning.
- Questions and answer choices are randomized to prevent student 'Collaboration' on assessments.
- Advance your knowledge of key concepts in these Milestones courses by having topic specific quizzes focused specifically on the intended learning target.
- Many more features are included and constantly being added so don't be afraid to explore!

- Our online courses are built for students that need visuals and detailed breakdown of concepts so that they can understand the material at the most basic level to sky rocket their learning. Hope you all enjoy and thanks for downloading!

Check out our content and curriculum website: https://fathersoninnovations.com

Check out our online courses website: https://fathersoninnovations.com/courses

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