Copy'em Paste is a powerful clipboard manager for turbocharging your daily workflow. It records your clipboard history of copied text, images, links, and screenshots, etc., and lets you recall/paste them anytime, right at your fingertips. Use it to copy and paste items in batches (so minimizing switching between apps), capture screenshots and collect research data, store favorite clippings permanently, paste frequent snippets via keyboard shortcuts, drag and drop images as file attachments, strip text formats or transform text, organize clippings into different lists, sort and label them, look them up by keywords/types, preview and edit their text, export or sync clippings to other devices, and so on. All done with speed and reliability. It is a valuable time-saver that is both rich in features and easy to use!


- Automatically remembers the things copied by regular copy/cut commands
- Accepts text, images, links, HTML, code, PDFs, files, and clippings of proprietary formats
- Can store unlimited number of clippings
- Export all or selected clippings to disk, and import them back on any Mac; e.g., use them as backups or share them
- Automatically sync your clippings and preferences through your own iCloud account
- Click the app's menubar icon or press Command-Shift-V (customizable) to open the clippings window
- Can paste clippings via drag-and-drop into target applications
- Can be configured to paste into VNC, NoMachine, Parallels, etc.
- Can paste multiple snippets together, across multiple lines, form fields, or spreadsheet cells
- Can paste clippings with local shortcuts ('0' to '9' and 'a' to 'z')
- Can paste clippings with unlimited number of global shortcuts
- Plain-text mode option to paste any rich text as plain text
- Hold Option key to switch between pasting text as plain text or rich text (i.e., temporarily do the opposite of plain-text mode)
- Text transformation options (capitalization, line-unwrapping, stripping whitespace, adding prefixes/suffixes, etc.)
- Option to paste text clippings as files
- Can paste image clippings as files of original or different image formats
- Can enable/disable paste transformations with global shortcuts
- Press Space or Left-Arrow key to preview clippings in a large, resizable popover window
- Unlimited number of lists for you to organize your favorite clippings
- Auto-star mode where newly arrived clippings are automatically put into the current starred list
- Can open clippings window on specific lists via keyboard shortcuts
- Use swiping or Command-[ and Command-] shortcuts to navigate backward and forward between lists
- Sort clippings by drag-and-drop, creation dates, most-recently-used dates, and paste frequency, etc.
- Each list can be sorted in its own sort order
- Find clippings by search, content-type filtering, and application-name filtering
- Fast searching, with search-as-you-type, and options to auto-focus and auto-clear the search field
- Can edit text clippings
- Can assign names to clippings or edit them
- Open clippings window next to current mouse location (in order to minimize mouse movement)
- Option to keep the window open after each paste operation; by default, the window automatically closes after use
- Capture screenshots (full screen, windows, selected areas, etc.) as clippings
- Blacklist applications, so clippings from them won't be saved
- Stop (or resume) collecting new clippings
- Can delete selected clippings, selected sets, or entire lists
- Can lock starred clippings from accidental deletion
- Change the theme, with option to show text clippings in original colors or grayscale
- Automatically switch theme according to the macOS theme setting
- Option to play sounds when copying and/or pasting


If you have questions/suggestions, please email us at If you like Copy'em Paste, please leave us a review and support us! Follow us at Twitter/Facebook @CopyEmPaste for updates, tips, and tricks!

What’s New

Version 2.8.1

- Reverted the default setting of 'Paste Images as Files' back to OFF. (When it is on, it can conflict with the copy/paste operations in some MS Office apps such as Excel.)

- Added new 'Double-Click to Paste' option (under Preferences) for pasting clippings with double-clicks instead of single-clicks
- Added new 'Separate Multiple Clippings' option (under the vertical '...' button) for separating clippings pasted in batches
- Can paste clippings across spreadsheet cells when 'Separate Multiple Clippings' uses TABs or RETURNs as separators
- Added new 'Lock Starred Clippings' option (under Preferences) for preventing accidental deletion of starred clippings
- Added new ‘Blacklist Universal Clipboard’ option (under Preferences) for ignoring clippings from remote clipboards
- Added new 'Search Immediately After Each Keystroke' option that can speed up searching in short lists
- Can now paste into special panels such as OmniFocus' Quick Entry window and TextExpander's pop-up window
- Renamed preference option ‘Auto-Scroll to Highlighted Clipping’ to ‘Auto-Scroll to Last Selected After List Change’
- Changed ‘Paste Images as Files’ to be enabled by default, so images can readily be attached as files to other apps
- Improved the performance of deleting many clippings at once which could take a long time before
- Fixed macOS Catalina-compatibility issues
- Fixed some VoiceOver-related issues
- Other bug fixes

Ratings and Reviews

didnotrun ,

Amazingly complete. And there’s a free companion app!

You’ll find this same basic review for the FREE Paste Queue app that is a standalone companion app for Copy’Em Paste. Paste Queue is a great addition and natural companion to the best copy/paste paid app out there: Copy’Em Paste.

I looked forever (2018) for a decent copy and paste utility that was powerful enough for daily work (spreadsheets, word processing, browsing) AND didn’t require a lot of back-and-forth in the interface. Almost all of the easiest to find copy-paste apps have terrible, time-consuming (if colorful) interfaces to actually DO things — like copy a bunch of items, then paste a bunch of items. The free companion app does the latter very well (serial copy/paste). But this paid app (Copy’Em Paste) is utterly awesome, and has all of the features that past mature but now discontinued apps used to have. Try something else, then compare it to this app — the difference is huge. Then get the free Paste Queue app and you’ll be set for excellent workflow.

(And no, I don’t know the developer or have any horse in this race, I’m just a user.) Thank you, How Chang.

michaeld16 ,

Great app. Where have you been all my life?

With all the advancements and maturity of operating systems, it is baffling that clipboard history isn’t baked into the system already. I was frustrated with the standard copy paste switcheroo between apps and wondered if there was a clipboard history app. Lo and behold, it looks like I’m late to the party. Anyways, I’ve been using this for a few months now and it has really helped out my workflow. It is much easier to copy a bunch of things (in order) in one application and then switch to the other application and paste them into place in the order I want them, using hot key ctl + v. I have no complaints. It seems to work well, never crashes. I had used both plain text paste as well as formatted paste. Both work well and it is easy to switch. I have made lists to store often repeated text as well—very handy. It is easy to start up and use right away, and it probably has a lot more capability than I am looking for. But it might come in handy. Worth every penny. I’d buy it again.

Hdyvcdruvsehd ,

Blows all the other ones out of the water.

I spent much of the day today searching for, installing, trying, and deleting clipboard managers. My only hard requirement was that it must provide global shortcuts to paste directly from the clipboard history into the active application without displaying the clipboard app. There are several other apps that, from their descriptions, look like they might have that functionality, but this is the only one I’ve found that met my expectations. Unfortunately I put off trying it until last because of the high price tag, no trial version, and weird name - but at least I know I’m not settling for something sub par.

This is by far the cleanest, most unobtrusive, most customizable clipboard manager available for macOS. The UI animations are tasteful, and the UI copy has been proofread. It is absolutely worth the money, especially if you value your time. I can’t think of anything I want to change about it. Except maybe the name… I’m not quite sure what Copy’em Paste means.


Hoi Chang
7.2 MB

OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor



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