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4.9 out of 5
6.8K Ratings

6.8K Ratings

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Future is the future of exercise

This exercise app is different than all the rest. I’ve tried many of them out there. This is more than just an exercise app. There’s literally someone on the other other side of the screen (or the country ;) to keep you accountable. Matt Fleekop is the best! I haven’t missed a workout yet, and I don’t want to either. I don’t want to let my trainer down! It works for me! I think this can work for a lot of people out there. I think the monthly fee is a steal considering you get personalized programming, accountability, and almost daily interaction with a highly educated and experienced trainer. It’s unheard of. I always struggled to get started working out because I just didn’t know where to start, what to work on first, how much weight, how many reps, I’ll just start tomorrow, etc, etc, etc... After a FaceTime and getting to know each other, what equipment I have, what kind of exercise I like and don’t like, my experience level, etc, Matt set up a program for me and each week he’s pushing me harder and harder. All I have to do is open the app on the days Matt has scheduled a workout for me, hit the start workout button, and just do what it says. Best of all I’m actually doing it!

CKC Homie ,


I graduated college 4 years ago and have not been active since. I’ve been trying to get back in shape for awhile and the pandemic really set me back. I tried everything - group ex classes with orange theory, peloton, hours of cardio on bikes/treadmills..you name it, I tried it. Couldn’t stick with any routine for more than a week until THIS APP. Having a coach that you actually meet with face-to-face (FaceTime) & can reach out to about workouts is game changing. My workouts are created for ME, not a generalized group like peloton does... When I’m not feeling well or run behind at work, I just send a message to my coach and they move or adjust my workouts so I can stay on track. Traveling? They’ll make workouts geared for travel too! Heads-up to the people wanting to go full throttle like I did: I started working out gradually because of my coaches advice (which is smart, I wanted to go from 0 days to 5 a week...LOL) & now I’m working out over 4 days a week! Just had our call to add even more days so y’a girl is one happy camper. New girl who this?! Only took 4 years to find this but I’m so happy I did! It’s an investment in YOURSELF, do your future self a favor & sign up 💛

JorgeSimon92 ,

Loving my experience so far!

I was hesitant at first to give this app a go but I will admit after my friend, Kelly, sent me her guest pass for the first month and I got paired with Sepano, my coach, it was smooth sailing from there. He was the top recommended based on the survey I filled out and I love how they showed all his credentials. I chose him off his credentials since he appeared to have extremely similar beliefs especially in holistic. The entire process thus far I trusted everything he’s said to do and in a month and a half I’ve seen major results. I get lots of compliments how good I look and Not to mention the app is so easy! It’s tied to your Apple Watch so it holds you accountable. I will say one time I didn’t wear my watch one workout and I noticed it said I burned more calories than I did when I wore the watch. I was sketched out at first but then realized the results when I measured myself. And not to mention your coach not only checks in on you after every workout but utilizes your constructive criticism to continue to create a more seamless fitness experience for you. And it’s a great app especially if you’re always on the go because it’s accessible on your iPhone. Just throw on some AirPods or share it to your Apple TV.

cnozil ,

If you want results, get this app

First off, shout out to my trainer Jasmine-BEST TRAINER IN THE WORLD! I struggle with consistency in my workouts—I travel a lot, and that means when I get back I’ve broken my schedule because I don’t have access to my gym or classes. When you train, if you want results, the most important part is consistency and Jasmine makes sure that I have all the tools to complete a workout anywhere. I was moving and had no equipment? No problem, she set me up with a work out using my own body weight. Now I have some home equipment, I work out with my weights. If I decide to go to the gym, she’ll tailor a workout to that situation. All the workouts are tailored to my goals and are considerate of my injuries. Plus future keeps track of all my workouts, and kind of gamifies your progress in the very beautifully designed app. And I see the progress in my body every day! Plus I can talk to Jasmine every day about what’s working and what isn’t, and she, the expert, figures out solutions for me! I love it! If you need the accountability and consistency a trainer provides, this app is for you.

MusicTeachermcgorry ,

Flexible, Organized, Game Changing

I’ve just recently completed 1 month of workouts with Futuresnd I can’t imagine stopping. I’ve had an on again/off again relationship with the gym for years. There are a few gaps that I have seen Future fill for me: (1) It is organized. My coach and I set a goal of 3 workouts a week for now. It’s attainable and I know that there is some friendly accountability. (2) It is flexible. I’m a music teacher snd performing musician who leads a busy life. Sometimes I have to knock a scheduled workout to the next day. My coach easily moves it over in our calendar and I get it done the next day. (3) It is tailored to what I need. Right now, I’m doing body weight workouts. The gym isn’t the best option for me right now (maybe ever again?), so I can workout at home. I recently was in a hotel for a week, so we modified the exercises for one week to make use of the hotel gym. No hyperbole: this program is helping me change my relationship with my own fitness, and therefore my life.

Coachf123 ,

Great workouts

My trainer Arianna is great. Always making adjustments that are needed. She is very knowledgeable and encouraging. Although it is a costly app, I find it hard to drop it because it has really enhanced my health and well being. Feel stronger, lighter (lost 25 pounds in 4 months), more flexible and I have more endurance. All of these exercise benefits has really made it hard for me to try and save 160 per month.

I think they should have a discount for clients that have their own apple watches. I think the app can be tweaked to allow a workout to be saved then continued (from where you left off) at a later time. Right now if you pause it for whatever time needed when your workout is disrupted, it drains your battery and the watch records the pause as if you are working out. I once paused the app in the morning and returned to the workout in the evening and my watch recorded that I exercised for several hours and burned a huge amount of calories when I was doing nothing. When you do the workouts straight through with just minimal pauses to catch your breath or adjust your position the App works very well.

0987meg ,

Great experience with Morten Mueller

I have being using the Future app for 1.5 months and my experience has been amazing, my trainer Morten Mueller has gone above and beyond to make sure my workouts meet my needs. In the beginning Morten facetimed me and asked me my goals, expecations, and just took the time to get to know me, and how I like to workout and where I workout. This has allowed me to have a great experience while working out at home or at the gym. Morten reaches out to me daily to make sure I'm on track with my workouts, changes anything that needs to be changed and he even did a 1 month follow up Facetime. I look forward to the workouts, and I feel like this is the most consistent I have been with working out in years, the motivation and accountability and correct training/review of my form from Morten has been amazing. In the short time I have had the app, I see a difference mentally and physically. So thank you so much Future and Morten for helping me change my life!

Sierra Eva ,

Exceeded my expectations

Key point (for if you don’t wanna read my paragraphs):
-coach is great and is supportive of you, they check in ~5-6 times a week with real feedback
- workouts are what you want with their expertise
- having a real person checking in keeps me motivated, and I have gotten a new friend out of it
- they are so flexible and really make sure you can fit the workout into your days

I figured I would take advantage of their $19 first month special, half expecting to cancel after a month like I usually do with fitness apps. But I have never taken to a workout routine like this one.
My personal trainer Corinne Tester checks in with me every weekday, and sometimes on weekends even. Since I started 5 weeks ago we have had two FaceTime calls. One was an initial so she could learn my specific needs, nutrition, injuries, goals, etc. The second was after a few weeks to check in. Each day is different, with a lot of workouts that build on each other. I don’t know how she has done it but it literally has everything I love to do for in one week. Running, mobility, yoga, biking, strength training. It’s always new and keeps me engaged. AND I DONT HAVE TO PLAN ANYTHING. it’s amazing.
I had a pretty bad car accident and she has been working with me to strengthen those specific areas as well as my overall strength and endurance.
I could go on and on about this app and my coach. They are wonderful. The cost is 100% worth it. 🥰

wmanderson ,

100% changed how I workout

I’ve been using future consistently for well over a year now. And while the app isn’t perfect, it does an incredible job as providing high-quality, challenging, and effective workout plans. My coach (Jose) is incredible, and with his help I’ve established a consistent fitness routine and seen incredible results since signing up.

That being said, I’ve read on Glassdoor that the company itself isn’t treating coaches as well as they should. They’re forced to communicate with 70+ clients 6 days a week, 8am-8pm, as well as pitch new trial users, and manage everyone’s workouts. It sounds like burnout is real and I wouldn’t be surprised if Future experiences massive turnover—which likely further disrupts the existing coaches’ schedules.

Again, I love the app. But I hope the company behind it isn’t just focusing on profits and growth and is instead investing in the men and women who make it great to use: the coaches!

Prajna's Passion ,

Don’t wait! Fall in love with Future now!

I love this app and working with my personal trainer, Becca. First heard about it last year but forgot about it. Crossed paths with a great online review and got started a few months ago. Prior to this only walked 1-2 times a week with a friend. If they weren’t available I didn’t exercise at all for weeks.
Completely tailored to my needs and goals. My trainer adjust the workouts for my injuries and switches things up when my work/life schedule has changed. I’ve never been interested in having an Apple Watch but now I love it cuz it keeps me honest and gets me out of my office chair to stand, move around, and make sure I get enough steps in each day. In this short time I’ve got motivation and momentum and am seeing progress with body strength and fitness.
I can only say good about this app and trainer.
Don’t wait! Get started and start to feel fantastic.