FuxEQ is a new 7-band parametric equalizer (audio unit) plugin for your music or sound production environment. A bunch of exceptional features, some of them not found in any other EQ software makes it truly unique:

* The (high and low) shelving bands have a unique "asymmetry" parameter which allows finer control of the frequency curve around the edge frequency. This new feature is especially powerful for balancing frequency content of complementary sounds such as bass drum/bass guitar or different vocals and harmony instruments. For example, use it to "thin out" your bass drum in the lower mids/upper bass range, making room for your bass guitar... (Please compare the respective screenshots.)

* A special "High/Low Balance" filter band is extremely useful for quick yet subtle and gentle adaptation of the warmth or brightness of a sound. (Please compare the screenshots.) This filter allows to tune the sound very smoothly without dominant coloring.

* Filter frequencies can be adjusted up to 20000 Hz without any compromise in quality or bandwidth. Unlike many other equalizers FuxEQ does not "squeeze" frequency curves when approaching the 20000 Hz area. (Please compare the screenshots.)

* A fully compatible Mac OS plugin will be available soon, making your workflow seamless across both platforms by transfer of parameter settings.

* Each filter band has its own gain compensation parameter, allowing for loudness correct A/B comparison FOR EACH BAND -- without interrupting your listening experience by necessary gain adjustments.

* The carefully designed interface is sensitive to many intuitive gestures and thus allows both easy and fine grained control even for small displays or views:
- Grab markers to adjust frequencies and boost/cut.
- Grab frequency curves to adjust the individual gain compensation.
- Select or deselect filter bands by simple taps to switch between display of detailed parameters and a clear, tidy overview.
- Use the sliders for quick coarse parameter adjustments and swipe over the values, parameter names or the sliders outside the thumb for fine tuning.
- Double tap curves to active/deactivate the filter band.


Version 1.5

Save and load presets to/from iCloud. Presets can thus be exchanged across any different host apps, independently from any host specific formats.

Note: Mac version coming soon! The new iCloud integration will then allow full exchange of presets between iOS and MacOS.

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2 Bewertungen

2 Bewertungen

Joe Salyers ,

Best IOS Audio Unit EQ

Versatile, clean, and no aliasing at all. Being able to adjust the Q value of a shelving filter is important and this eq can do it all. If you want a desktop grade EQ plugin then look no further this will be your go to EQ! It is perfect!

the wOw is real ,

Doesn't work in Garage Band!

Once I got it to finally work in gb, nothing would happen when I changed dials. Except for sometimes the unit crashing. This needs to be fixed ro I just got robbed of 6.99


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