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Fuzzy Farm: Fun and Simple to Play Game.

*An addictive and fun, yet incredibly simple game.
*Requires a mix of quick reflexes and concentration
*Have you got what it takes?


A new one is coming: What is it? Is it the same as last time? Or is it different? Quickly choose. Quickly, quickly, before the clock runs out.

Fuzzy Farm. This quick paced, quick thinking game, that requires you to concentrate and react quickly.

The aim of Fuzzy Farm requires you to look at the animal on the screen and see if it’s the same as the previous animal on the screen. If you think it is the same, you click yes. If not, you click no. Sounds very simple, eh?

Not quite. What starts out as something so simple, becomes a lot tougher. You have a very short time to decide, and as you continue throughout the game you have less and less time to decide; pushing your memory and reflexes to the limit and eventually driving you crazy.

****How to play the game****

* When you start the game you are shown an animal. Remember it.
* You are then shown another animal. Does it match the previous animal you were shown? Yes, or No?
* If it is Yes, click Yes. If it is No, click No.
* If you are wrong; game over. If you are right; look at the next animal. Does it match the previous animal?
* As you progressive through the game you are given less and less time to decide, increasing the tension and intensity of the game.


*Easy and fun to play, and suitable for everyone.
*Incredibly addictive.

*All the stunning graphics in the game are made from our special designers at Trafalgar Soft Company

*Just simply download it for free, and start playing.

*Not quite sure what to do? Not sure how to play the game? Not a problem. The app has a special tutorial that will guide you through slowly and clearly at how to play the game.

*Launched exclusively for iOS devices, and specifically designed for iPhone and iPad.

*Challenge your friends in a global and daily high score battles.
*Game Center Achievements.

*Feel free to rate our game, and leave any feedback on the Apple App Store

****Users comments****

Very addictive and frustrating! NJackson92

It’s driving me crazy! Pwips00

Fun and simple game. Forefit233

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4.6 z 5
Hodnocení: 56

Hodnocení: 56

Skippadaflippa305 ,

9/10 An Instant Classic!!!

If you like puzzle or matching memory style games you'll love fuzzy farm. Both the graphics and sound completely blew away my expectations. This game will provide hours of endless entertainment for players of all ages.

noctis.d ,

Not disappointed

I've heard this game was great for kids so I went on to confirm it for my kids. I have to see even I was able to stay interested for a while! Good game!

GraysonGrant ,

Cool and Fun

This app is beautifully made and works really well, there are many different animals of this game which makes it much enjoyable learn all about them...must try!!

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