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Разработано для iPad

    • 4,0 • Оценок: 241
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- Номер телефона и электронная почта не нужны
- Быстрая регистрация - займёт меньше минуты
- Нет подписки и рекламы
- Не только знакомства

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Версия 9.5.19

Исправили несколько багов

Оценки и отзывы

4,0 из 5
Оценок: 241

Оценок: 241

Carly kingman ,

Was good

It was awesome then the update is now making my app slow and not working right I would love it if the app makers would make it go back then I will have all 5 stars

Ответ разработчика ,

Hey Carly. Could you please contact our support service in the Help section and give them more details about this issue? Much appreciated.

pandavision100% ,

Worst app unfortunately

I downloaded your app today on January 22 and I’ll used it for a matter of 20 minutes and was harassed and offended in that matter of time. I have used your app multiple times, I’ve downloaded it throughout the years and I have to delete it constantly because it offends me in so many different ways. I will never be downloading this app again. I have used multiple different chat apps and there’s abuse in every single on of them but your application, the galaxy chat app is probably one of the most offensive and inappropriate apps that should be reported and when I have more time-I hands-down will be reporting your app to someone that can properly supervise and or govern the dynamics and behavior of its creators and its users. It’s the worst app out there so far..
I absolutely know that this message will be overlooked and snubbed over. I assume this because this app has no integrity just like it’s creators.

Ответ разработчика ,

If someone offends you, you can blacklist that user and report their private messages. Also you can contact our support team in the Help section and complain about the behavior of that user.

Girl8teen ,

It's OK

The app is ok. But there's more Indians on there than any other. But not the point. I like the app for creating characters and dressing them up and giving them different t hairstyles. I like talking to friendly people on there. But it's always cut short with this one INDIAN MAN always following me, sending me to the apps prison and blackmailing to lower my authority. I can't enjoy my time on this app. He is always there. I've contacted support system about it. I doubt they do anything about this guy. Not to mention always sending abusive chat messages calling me disrespectful names. If a developer reads this, please contact me somehow. This guy has some serious issues and needs to be stopped.

Ответ разработчика ,

Sure, we read this. Please contact us at support@mobstudio.ru and let us know the username of this user and your username so we could investigate this issue.

Встроенные покупки

5 Galaxy у.е.
Можно купить Сундук / Питомца / +25 Авторитет
4,99 $
10 Galaxy у.е.
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9,99 $
1 Galaxy у.е.
Можно купить Костюм для персонажа / Планету
0,99 $
50 Galaxy у.е.
Можно купить крутую тачку / +250 Авторитет
49,99 $
100 Galaxy у.е.
Можно прокачаться до Ангела и многое другое
99,99 $

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