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Encuentra un equipo en Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO),
Call of Duty: Warzone, Fornite, Apex Legends, Rocket League, PUBG, Overwatch, GTA V, Rainbow Six Siege y otros con GameTree!

Reune a tus equipos, coordina sesiones de juego, descubre nuevos juegos y aprovecha de una comunidad de jugadores sin toxicidad... Hacemos todo eso y mas.

GameTree es compatible con todos los juegos en todas las plataformas.

La aplicación incluye:

- La lista de juegos más grande del mundo que puedes encontrar
- Un algoritmo de encuentros extremadamente preciso que encontrará al compañero de equipo que estabas buscando
- Un sistema que sigue aprendiendo tus gustos y proporciona mejores conexiones cada vez que lo utilizas.


Versión 2.12.6

Mario tiene a Peach, Link tiene a Zelda y tú… bueno, tal vez tu jugador especial 2 esté más cerca de lo que crees. ¡El amor está en el aire con la última actualización de GameTree! Usando nuestro algoritmo avanzado de emparejamiento, GameTree agrega almas gemelas a la lista de personas con las que puedes emparejar (pero solo si eso es lo que estás buscando). Conéctate con los usuarios en función del tipo de personalidad, los valores personales y ese importante ADN de jugador.

Valoraciones y reseñas

3.9 de 5
198 valoraciones

198 valoraciones

Ali Dailami ,

This app is amazing but needs improvement

This app is so awesome! I got lots of friends and had some nice texts. Was going to play with a friend today and I was just about to ask them if they’re online. So I opened the app but it didn’t respond. It kept telling me that there’s a problem with the network. Idk why this happens. I’ve had several problems with the app telling me that I have poor connection although I was sitting right by the WiFi router. This is such a great flaw for a great app like this. Hope the developer reads this and fixes the problem. Thank you so much :)

Respuesta del desarrollador ,

We have resolved our technical issues and it should be working now.

Rūku Ōkuri ,

Trust me it works.

If you have a lack of friends to play games with or need to round out the raid team, this app will work perfectly. Was on it for twenty minutes. That’s including the setup and personality tests. Put in my preferences for people I want to play with, what games I have and play, and found people immediately. If you’ve ever used tinder you know how to use this. A profile pops up, it has a bio made by the profile owner. Games they have in common with you. Their gender and age. And their personality test results (which display the type of gamer they are, ie competitive etc). It also displays what platforms in common they play on. So if you have a pc and an Xbox then you can see if they do too. They also show any social media they choose, like discord. It even tells you how quickly they typically respond to messages. If you feel as though it would be fun to play with them simply add them as a friend. If you don’t just skip them just as easily. Everyone you add can be chatted with. If you have any questions the community managers respond quite fast and are very helpful. I accidentally deleted someone and a community manager by the name of “INFINITE SPRINT” was able to tell me exactly how to add them back, and did so within the hour. I personally have found a new friend to play games with regularly for the past month due to GameTree. So in short...YES this app will help you find some people to dome scrubs in the newest battle royal with.

Respuesta del desarrollador ,

Thanks very much. I really appreciate the kind words from you! It's great to know that I helped your experience with the app. 😁

TheRealLukeMe ,

Don’t waste your time

You get flagged for “spamming” if you send more than one “self promotion” link out per day. So, say you are trying to form a game-specific clan, well if you try and find members (let’s take a random number like say a literal 5 people) and communicate where the Clan is, well too bad my friend you have been flagged for spamming!

It also doesn’t help that most of these profiles are ghosts. I’m guessing people that came and either had similar problems or also realized most of the people on the app aren’t active (and you can’t message too much to try and sort through search results, so have fun taking 5 years to find enough people to make a play group.

Garbage app, or really just a garbage mod team. Just browse Reddit or Discord groups you will have better luck.

Respuesta del desarrollador ,

Thanks for giving us 5 stars. That was very kind of you.

We've considered working out a way to give gamer clans a specific niche in our app, but it will take some development, and time. So I apologize this isn't a feature right now.

If you have any specific ideas about this, please contact me in the app. I can at least make note of them for you. I'm INFINITE SPRINT.


GameTree PBC
26.6 MB
Redes sociales

Requiere iOS 12.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.



Blasfemias o humor vulgar poco frecuentes/moderados
Temas para adultos/provocativos poco frecuentes/moderados
Contenido sexual o desnudez poco frecuentes/moderados
Violencia en dibujos animados o en imágenes fantásticas poco frecuente/moderada


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