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您的设备与应用程序 — 一站式管理。Connect IQ™ Store应用程序是下载免费应用程序(如Uber和SmartThings)的商店,可为您提供更多功能。此外,小工具,数据字段甚至自定义表盘都可用于自定义您的设备。它也是您所有已下载应用的一站式管理器。


版本 2.17.2

Connect IQ™ Store 正在不断努力改善您的体验,并帮助您取得进步。 我们会每月发布新功能和应用程序更新。此版本包括优化设备功能的漏洞修复,以及支持 Garmin 新设备的功能。


4.7(满分 5 分)
4,172 个评分

4,172 个评分


Simple & Convenient

The app, in my opinion, is a must for Garmin users. Especially, if you’re like me and keep a training log, but aren’t always consistent with updating the log. Or it can serve as your training log if you aren’t into keeping one by hand.

It is also very helpful for athlete and coach communication. Because you can screen shot your heart rate information to your coach so that you can adjust workouts, and track your progress through heart rate.

The app is essential for not only tracking heart rate, workouts, and other health factors that can affect your training. But also for adjusting the device settings; such as, the watch face, heart rate levels, notifications etc.

My over all experience with app has been good. But ultimately if you’re looking into downloading the app it is important to ask yourself what do want out of your training and device. For example, if you have a Garmin watch and aren’t necessarily serious about training and/or your not that interested in sats you don’t need to download the app. However if you’re the opposite you should most definitely download because it will help you very much as it is simple and convenient to use over all.


Endlessly Frustrating

First off, let’s be clear, this isn’t an app but rather a digital torture device. You’d think an app from a multi-billion dollar company would be at least marginally better than one built by Jerry and Cleetus in the shed behind their mom’s house, but you’d be wrong. The first problem is the constant trouble syncing. Over and over you’ll get the little red circle with an exclamation point, and despite doing everything from hitting retry to reinstalling the app it’ll keep happening. Now whether it’s actually struggling to sync or just claiming to be struggling to sync I can’t say. Even when I receive the error icon I can still send data back to my phone, so who knows, maybe it’s syncing maybe it’s not. Secondly, the IQ App Store will not display apps it doesn’t believe are compatible with your device, even if they claim to be, and if you round about find the apps you want by using your browser it won’t let you download them. In my case I have an Edge Explore unit which should be compatible with the Bontrager light control app according to the compatible device listing on the app data page, but the IQ App Store disagrees, and insists I add a compatible device to my account to download the app. This leads to my last gripe; good luck getting support. Garmin is more than happy to take your 200, 300, 500 dollars, but they’re sluggish in assisting you with getting it or this required app to work.


Great way to track your fitness

I really enjoy using the Garmin Connect app to visualize changes in my sleep quality and my overall health. I get a real sense of accomplishment watching my weight and resting heart rate decrease while watching my vO2 increase. I also love the Apple Health integration so that I can see how my physical fitness impacts other areas of my health like cholesterol and triglyceride levels. If you’re looking to understand the relationship between your physical fitness and your underlying health, I would highly recommend using a Garmin smart watch with the Garmin Connect app.

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