Gesso: Audio Walking Tours Ratings and Reviews

4.9 out of 5
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161 Ratings

wonder twin ,

Fun, immersive way to learn more about the city

I first found out about this app when visiting the New Museum last year and thought it was cool that I could use my own phone to navigate the exhibits, learning more about the artwork. It was a better, more immersive experience than simply reading the info card on the wall. I’ve since tried the app at home and find it’s a nice way to consume content and get little chunks of info on various sites in my neighborhood and other parts of New York. As a New York native, I find it fascinating how much I still learn about this city. The Gesso app helps me do that by giving me cool facts about architecture, art, history and culture. The beautiful visuals and user-friendly features make it a fun and pleasant app to use. I’m really excited for when we are able to do Meetups where we can get out and explore on foot together. I enjoy traditional walking tours and think this app will just add to that experience, using technology in an interesting way.

KatherineOK0345 ,

I didn’t even know I how much I needed this

Gesso makes it easier to connect to the city, and I am so glad it exists. Especially after a year of being inside, it’s so wonderful to be able to walk around and see New York through fresh eyes— and having Gesso has made it even easier to get excited about the histories and communities that make this place special. The location-based audio clip activations make it a much needed, blissfully screen-free experience, and I think it strikes a really special balance of being both personalized AND shareable. Gesso’s themed walks have quickly become a go-to weekend activity for my friends and I, and I’m so stoked to see what tours and tidbits are coming next. Well done, Gesso team!

ArtsnHearts ,

Unique, interesting, and fun

Gesso is one of my favorite apps. If you're interested in art, history, or just in finding new things to appreciate about where you're living or visiting, it's such a fun and unique way to do so. It's easy to use, and the content great. Segments are more than just a quick little blurb - you get info that is genuinely useful and interesting, but still short enough that you can keep things moving along. And it allows you to explore special things about different cities without having to pull out a guidebook and immediately identify yourself as a tourist, which I appreciate. (It's especially great for imaginary trips right now.) Can't wait for more cities to be added!

Es-Peeh ,

Emerald Futures guided sound-walk on Gesso

I downloaded the app to go on the “Emerald Futures” guided walk, and was pleasantly surprised by the whole experience. The app was intuitive and easy to use and once I put my headphones in and started the walk, the guided instructions were clear and easy to follow, and the accompanying music was thoughtfully selected to enhance the experience of walking through the different parts of Central Park and the city. The gps enabled map was also available as a backup to finding the route, although I ended up not having to use it. Overall would highly recommend both!

adamoch ,

Flawless experience, great content

The app succeeds doing the 2 things it needs to do - First, it easily and correctly guides you, while providing clear walking instructions and seamless auto play. The app “gets out of the way” and allows you to simply follow the route and listen to the tour. Second, the tours themselves are great. I’ve done a couple around the New York area and they have a great balance of theme, random tidbits, landmarks, etc and are super fun.
Can’t wait for more of these high quality tours to drop!

GotoTheGrotto ,

This App Saved Me

“The moral arc of the universe is long but it bends towards Gesso” - Madame Curie

This app is fabulous. I’m sitting in quarantine eyeing the last few drops of whisky and wondering, “is this it? What else is there to do.” Then my good friend suggested I try Gesso. I, being something of a comedienne (Fr.), said “I Gess.” I downloaded the app and was immediately transported to a world that I hardly knew existed. I had been seeing the world in black and white and BOOM Gesso brought color into my life (similar to the Giver or American History X). Anyway it’s really great; definitely download it.

Richa ,

Great service and super user-friendly

My husband and I had a great time using this app for a self-paced walking tour in Brooklyn. It’s super intuitive, well designed and relevant to help people engage with their local and wider communities. There’s so much helpful content about other neighborhoods in there which can be enjoyed remotely too. I can see this being used even more actively once we’re in the post-pandemic phase. Highly recommend this app!

mohitogoesforawalk ,

Brilliant (and fun)!

I heartily recommend Gesso! The Punks + Poets tour in NY was a really interesting, engaging, and fun experience. I've told at least 5 friends about it in the 24 hours since I took the tour and already have tentative plans to do another tour. I think this app is not only a perfect idea for the strange environment of 2020 but executed elegantly and impressively enough to be interesting well after "normal life" returns. Count me as a dedicated user going forward!

Developer Response ,

Hi mohitogoesforawalk,

Thanks so much for the feedback, and really glad you enjoyed. More content coming soon!


Pennsylvania17602 ,

Wonderful way to explore and learn!

I was looking for a geo-tagged guided audio tour of Brooklyn and was thrilled to find this app. Walking directions were clear and the tour seamlessly synced to my location, so that if I wanted to linger in certain areas it would automatically wait for me to catch up before continuing. Tour itself was compelling and made me want to continue exploring! Excited to see more.

Dbone1000 ,

Migration walk

This was a great history of the different cultures that migrated to Oakland and their struggles to integrate into the mainstream.

It would be helpful to get a better description and perhaps driving directions to the start point as there are many Blue Bottle locations around downtown.
Also being more specific as to which direction to walk such as Southwest would be helpful.