Get Out! 2 is a lovingly crafted cartoon-style escape the room game, with over a dozen different screens, many MANY objects to pick up and crazy puzzles to solve.

You wake up in a strange apartment with no knowledge on where you are or how you got there. The only thing you know is that you have to... GET OUT!

Explore the many rooms, from the kitchen to the balcony, and interact with everything you see around them; pick up loads of items, use them or combine them with other items; open crazy safes and do whatever you need to do to escape!

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3.7 av 5
3 betyg

3 betyg

Casual mode ,

Good but completely stuck! 🙃

6th attempt to post my review..they keep disappearing!...

Really enjoying this..lots to do..but I reached a brick wall pretty far into the game ....and now my only hope is a walkthrough which I cannot find yet. Tried everything and anything I can think of..just stuck for days! There are no in-game hints, this may have helped since I probably just need a nudge.. oh well still trying..and hoping 😏

Joobykaneshooby ,

Needs better controls

Having to switch between looking, picking up, using, etc. is distracting.

Svar från utvecklaren ,

Thanks for the feedback, Joobykaneshooby!

I am working on the 3rd one and reworked the controls, there are still actions to choose from, but you won't have to open and close the inventory, so hopefully that will make it easier to use!

The actions are basically a love letter to old-school graphic adventures, where, believe it or not, you had even MORE actions! most had "push", "pull", "give", "put on" and "take off"!

Thanks for playing and stay safe!

Dleted ,

Also Stuck

Feel like I got so far but now completely stuck. I wish there was a walkthrough. I have the scale. Haven't yet entered the bathroom shown in the screen shots. Some things seem kinda random. If they made more sense it may be more enjoyable but it's a pretty good escape game. Worth 99¢.


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Gonzalo Fernandez
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