Whether you are a professional Paranormal Investigator, a hobbyist or just want to have some fun, this app works like a "Spirit Box" reading data from your sensors and turning it into spoken words.

With a database of over a thousand commonly used words, Ghostalker will read changes in all of the sensors it can find in your device. This includes sensors for the tiniest amount of vibration, rotation, GPS, gyroscope, light, magnetic fields, proximity etc. and convert them to words which it will display and speak. This app uses the actual data from the sensors to determine what to say, rather than picking one at random like some other apps.

LOGGING: This is the full version of the app so it logs the words spoken for you to view, save, email, delete etc. at a later time. There is also a built-in log viewer. The date and time is logged, along with the combined change in sensor readings (so you can see how big a change was picked up) and the word. The log files are in CSV format so you can import them into your favourite spreadsheet (e.g. MS Excel or Google Sheets).

DICTIONARY: You can also manage your own custom dictionary of words so you can make your own special list of replies. You can flick between the in-built dictionary and your own custom dictionary at any time.

This app is not designed to form complete sentences so it is up to you to interpret what it says in your own way. Top end phones and tablets tend to have more sensors than low end ones but the app is designed to work with whatever it can find. The sensitivity of sensors will also vary between devices.

TIP 1: Using the custom dictionary you can have it reply with special limited words, for example 'yes', 'no' and 'maybe' when you ask it questions. Or add a series of digits and get it to pick your lottery numbers. Or add the letters of the alphabet so it can work like a Ouija board.

TIP 2: Paranormal investigators believe that leaving such devices running for as long as possible will allow "spirits" to learn what energy is required to trigger certain words.

TIP 3: If it starts to trigger words constantly you may be getting interference from something close by. Try moving the device somewhere else or tap the 'Calibrate' button to get it to tune out background variance (although you will lose some sensitivity).

TIP 4: NEW - Keep lists of custom words in text files. Each word should be on its own line or separated by a space. Select all of the words and copy them to the clipboard. You can then import them into Ghostalker by pasting them from the clipboard. You can also copy word lists from the web, an email, or anywhere you can copy text.

If the app does not do what you were expecting, or there is an issue with it running on your device, please contact us for help.

There are no adverts in this software. If you would like to try the free version first (without the logging or custom dictionary functionality), it is listed under "Ghostalker Lite".

What’s New

Version 4.0

+ Increased custom word list import to support up to 10,000 words!
+ Custom word routines rewritten for speed and better memory management.

Ratings and Reviews

4.0 out of 5
2 Ratings

2 Ratings

krlewisr ,

It works!!

This is actually super cool. I always felt like someone followed me, but it never felt bad. Decided to spend the $2 and use this. I got the words “love” “miss” “nice” “bird” and “grandfather” fun fact I got a bird tattoo on my arm in honor of my grandfather. I guess he likes it!

The words do seem random sometimes, but if it’s a spirits first time manipulating something to form a word it probably doesn’t come out perfect the first couple of times.

Also, I got the words “Beverly” which is my husbands grandmothers name. His grandpa pass last year. & I got the name “Christopher” which is my brothers name.

Developer Response ,

Hi krlewisr. Thank you for the great review. We are always really pleased to hear from people who have had good experiences with Ghostalker. Best wishes for the future.

Huntington, WV ,

I’m a big fan.

I was trying to find an electronic way to help me communicate with the other side. Other spirit boxes that slip through phonemes and sound like bad radio are not convincing enough to me. I find that I am always asking myself if I heard that instead of knowing what I heard. With this app, you can’t miss the word. It’s right there. Spelled out. Literally.

I’m an intuitive empath and I am also a medium. But the way Spirit likes to communicate or get my attention is by causing me neck pain. Once I establish the connection, or deliver the message, the pain stops. But sometimes I’m not in a position to drop everything and handle it. Spirit more easily interacts with technology than physical things like a Ouija board. If my neck starts to hurt, and I tell spirit I’m going to address it -just give me a few minutes-0" but I forget, Spirit starts to mess with my phone or my computer to get my attention. I also have multiple sclerosis, so my hands and arms quickly fatigue waiting for Spirit to figure out how to manipulate the board.

This app is great because it gives Spirit a data Bank to work with. It still takes Spirit time to figure out how to manipulate it; there’s like a secondary calibration. A lot of words will just randomly come through and it won’t make a lot of sense, but that is like handing someone a new device with all of the buttons, they have to push the buttons to figure out what they do.

Great things /Update suggestions:

Being able to toggle between lists is phenomenal. The built-in list contains a pretty large library although I would really like to be able to see the words on that list. Or even alter the built-in list.

Having a custom list option is so great. I use a psychic circle spirit board when I am in the mood- but again, I fatigue. I can set my custom list to only contain items from my psychic circle, and then I have a handheld version.

I would really like to be able to scroll through the list of words more easily. Right now, you have to tap the down arrow button repeatedly to scroll through the words. Even if you could tap and hold the button to scroll, that would increase the user experience. But if you can scroll through using a finger swipe, that would be ideal.

I would really like to be able to toggle through multiple custom lists. Right now, I have three devices, but I have three different custom lists (One with just letters and numbers, one of the psychic circle, and one that I have started with each card of the tarot). If I could have those on one device, that would be convenient while also increasing the user experience and the application functionality.

I’m not a paranormal investigator. I’m justlooking for another avenue to communicate with my spirit guides and spirits who may want to deliver messages to loved ones. I don’t have a need for the negative words. When words like demon, kill, strike, shot, hit... I give a warning, and tell them if they keep it up I’m going to turn it off. If they do, I do.

I always call on Archangel Michael to be on standby before starting the app.

I guess that’s my review. I would love to see these changes in the next update. ❤️🤞🏼🙏🏼 Thank you so much for making this app!

Developer Response ,

Thank you so much for the in-depth review. We are very glad you like the app. You have some excellent suggestions for additional features too. I will add them to our 'wish list' and see if they can be incorporated in future releases. Best wishes to you.


Neil King
17 MB

Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



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