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GlanceCam is a secure IP camera viewer with support for standard streaming protocols. GlanceCam is unobtrusive, loved by Users (> 500 App Store ratings averaging 4.2 stars!) and modern (36 updates since 2018, 100% compatible with Sonoma and Apple silicon).
It's perfect to keep an eye on one, or 50, IP cameras:
• Install cameras from different manufacturers and avoid cumbersome web interfaces or obsolete apps.
• Install webcams in your living room, kitchen and garden to check on your pet when you're away, maybe turning on a light at night.
• Point a camera at your front gate and let visitors in by activating a network relay.

GlanceCam is a bit nerdy, but very useful if you want to take advantage of inexpensive IP cameras and maybe combine them to the automation capabilities of the Internet of Things; it works on your LAN or via Internet (please see the requirements below) and, while it's not the most "works out-of-the-box" solution to configure (you'll need to retrieve some network parameters), it's flexible and brand-agnostic.

Here's how it works:
• With most IP cameras, you can receive the realtime video stream via RTSP, HTTP(s) or RTMP (RTSPs not supported), without opening a browser; GlanceCam shows you those feeds in resizable windows you can keep on your Desktop.
• You can add as many cameras as you like.
• By default the app shows one camera at a time in a single window, and you can switch between cameras inside that window; if you want to view multiple cameras at the same time, you will be able to upgrade to GlanceCam Pro and open as many windows as you need (including GlanceGrids, flexible grids with presets) and have them remembered between sessions.
• GlanceCam windows can be configured to be Always on Top and visible in every Space; you can use Insta-zoom (right click and hold to temporarily maximise) and optionally auto-launch at login.
• 4K, zoom and audio streams are supported.
• GlanceCam has lots of keyboard shortcuts, an URL scheme and supports Apple Script.
• For every camera, you can configure up to 2 buttons to perform actions via HTTP GET calls.

GlanceCam Pro is available either as a lifetime in-app purchase or as a yearly subscription (both provide the same functionality, you can pick your favorite purchasing method) and includes multi-windows, GlanceGrids, Cycle mode, an optional Minimalistic interface, custom icons, manual aspect ratios and a preferential channel for email support.

The app is designed for realtime playback and doesn't support DVRs/NVRs, cloud services, recording (nor playing back recordings), pan & tilt (PTZ) and motion detection/notifications.

To take advantage of GlanceCam you'll need at least one IP camera and some knowledge about your network; please, check the requirements below (or get in touch at

• An Apple silicon or Intel Mac running Sonoma or a previous version of macOS (10.4 or newer).
• One or more IP cameras capable of broadcasting their stream via RTSP, HTTP(s) or RTMP; you'll need to know the webcam IP address, the video stream protocol, the credentials and port and to put those informations into a string.
You can check if your camera supports such protocols by searching the web, usually on the manufacturer website; since there is no standard for the stream URL format, you'll need to retrieve the proper string on the camera's manual or website. If you can't find it, get in touch at I always try to help, and often succeed, but can't promise to be able to figure out the right URL for every model out there.
• For triggering actions from the optional buttons, you'll need devices that can react to HTTP GET calls.
• To work over the Internet, you'll need a static public IP address or a dynamic DNS service, to configure port forwarding for each camera and, optionally, for the action buttons; I recommend to start testing in LAN to check compatibility.

Privacy Policy:
Terms of Service:


Versione 4.2

GlanceCam 4.2 addresses a change in the way that macOS 15 Sonoma handles special characters inside URL credentials.

This affects you only if your cameras' usernames or passwords include symbols such as @ / ? # and you have updated (or are planning to update) to the new operating system; if that's the case, please read the detailed release notes inside the app, which will provide every information you need, as it might be necessary to update your device credentials to stream on the last macOS.

This version also includes a few of additional improvements:

- When an invalid character is detected in credentials, GlanceCam doesn't just encode it to make it "safe" according to the new standard enforced by Sonoma, but also shows a warning symbol inside Settings, which you can click to gather more informations about the recent URL standard change.

- When you contact me for assistance via the Support menu > Contact support via email, a privacy-focused report is generated and included in the message to help with troubleshooting, but on a couple of occasions that report was truncated on Sonoma; this version includes a fix to that issue.

- Users who don't have Apple Mail set as their default email client (for instance, Gmail Users) can now copy the auto-generated report and then manually paste it into their application of choice before contacting me for assistance; to do so, please click the Support menu > Copy support report for other email clients.

As always, I remain available at if you need assistance with anything.

I want to take this opportunity to wish you a joyful holiday season and a wonderful start to 2024!

Ciao, Cesare

Valutazioni e recensioni

4,2 su 5
211 valutazioni

211 valutazioni

H513c4T53p7 ,

It just works! Fast and simple setup!

I love it when an app just does what it is supposed to. GlanceCam is a basic window on the world. Im able to keep an eye on the front porch as well as the driveway in the corner of my Mac. The app is easy to setup and forget. Quick access to change cameras and loads fast. Good little app! Wish list: let bar at the top vanish and return when cursor is in the area. Kinda like the menue bar onMac when App is full screen. Wish #2 An easy quick way to reorder cameras. Still loving it a year later!

Risposta dello sviluppatore ,

Update Wish #2: You're always very nice, thank you! For version 3.0 (or more likely 3.1) I have already a redesigned Preference panel that will allow to easily manage a large number of cameras, including reordering. For now, while I understand it is not easy nor quick, if you are familiar with Plist files, you might reorder the cameras by exporting the list, reordering them in a Plist editor and re-importing the updated list; if you try this, which again I know it's far from ideal, please keep a copy of your original camera export to recover if something goes wrong. Thanks again for supporting GlanceCam, and please stay as safe as you can in these awful times we're living in. -Cesare
Thank you for updating your review and for your nice words! I will look into the disappearing window bar, I am not sure how it can be done or how much work it would be, so I can't make any promises right now, but rest assured that I've added it to my development list. Please, stay safe in this terrible time and don't hesitate to contact me if you need anything else. -Cesare

Steven D Hagen ,

Still the BEST program for macOS in its segment of the market

Ive watched the evolution of this product since the early days of its development and since day one have been beyond happy with everything about it. The two or three times I had a more "technicel" question than I could sucessfully solve with some google work and digging through random forums online, when I findally gave up and decided I had to admit defeat and contact the developer - I got an incredibly quick and, to be honest, much more thoughtfully written and genuinely helpful reply than Im used to getting from ANY companies customer service out there these days. Its exactly this kind of genuine care for their customers and passion for what they do that makes small independant software worth every dollar spent to support them. Its never taken for granted, and the fact that this app has been around for some time now and remains in active development with responsive customer support instead of the all too common "take the money and run" types that plague app stores on all platforms these days - just goes to prove how worthy this app is of its relatively small purchace price.

Risposta dello sviluppatore ,

What an amazing an generous review, Steve! Thank you so much, you made my day :) Thanks again, hopefully the app will continue to work well for you for years to come! Ciao from Italy –Cesare

jmaraz ,

Just What I Was Looking For

When HIK Vision plugins stopped working, I no longer had a way to watch my cameras from my mac. Now I can. Once I got it setup and played with it a little, I loved it even more. Didn't realize that 'shift Glance #' would take me right to that camera (even in basic version!), so that was a bonus discovery. The app crashes almost everytime I save and exit settings, but now that it's setup, I probably won't have to go there very often. Hopefully that will get fixed when Cesare sees the crash reports. Thanks for spending the time on this app. I would give you 5 stars except for the crashes.
**Edit**6Sept2021. I have changed my review to 5 stars because Cesare contacted me, sent a solution and it worked perfectly. He is great at customer service and response, even though I only have/need the basic app version. I will recommend this app to anyone looking for this solution.

Risposta dello sviluppatore ,

Hello and thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a nice review! I am very sorry for the crashes you're experiencing while saving Preferences; while I wait for the crash reports from Apple, may I ask you to contact me at I would like to send you instructions on how to backup your cameras, then erase GlanceCam's settings (which I'm afraid became corrupted for some reason) and finally restore your backup so you don't need to manually re-enter your cameras strings. One last thing, since you enjoyed the keyboard shortcut for quickly switching cameras: GlanceCam has a few tricks like that, and they're all listed in this section of the FAQs available at this address: Thanks again for using my app, I'll look forward to hopefully fix your issue very soon! My best –Cesare

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