GlanceCam is a modern Mac app that lets you keep an eye on one or more IP cameras and optionally perform actions via HTTP(s) GET requests. GlanceCam is 100% compatible with macOS 10.15 Catalina and there's almost no limit on how you can use it for realtime streaming and automation:
• Install cameras from different manufacturers and avoid their cumbersome web interfaces and proprietary apps.
• Install webcams in your living room, kitchen and garden to check on your cat when you're away, maybe turning on a light at night or taking a snapshot when kitty does something funny.
• Mount a camera pointed at your front gate and let visitors in directly from your Mac, by activating an Ethernet connected relay.

GlanceCam is a bit nerdy, but very useful if you want to take full advantage of cheap webcams and maybe combine them to the automation capabilities of the Internet of Things (IoT); it works on your LAN or via Internet (please see the requirements below) and, while it's not the most "works out-of-the-box" home or business automation solution to configure (you'll need to type in a few network parameters, as detailed in the following description), it's very flexible and brand-agnostic.

Here's how the app works in detail:
• With most IP webcams, you can receive the video stream via RTSP, HTTP or RTMP, without opening a browser; GlanceCam shows you those feeds in a resizable window you can keep always visible on your Desktop.
• You can add as many cameras as you like.
• For every camera, you can also configure up to 2 optional buttons, visible when you hover your mouse on the app window, to perform actions via customizable HTTP GET action URLs (PUT is not supported).
• GlanceCam window can be configured to be always on top and visible in every Space; the app can also be configured to auto-launch at login.
• If your camera streams audio, you can easily enable or mute it.
GlanceCam supports keyboard shortcuts, an URL scheme and Apple Script.
Please be advised that GlanceCam in designed for realtime playback and does not support DVRs/NVRs, proprietary cloud services, recording (nor playing back previous recordings), PTZ cameras and motion detection/notifications.

In order to take advantage of GlanceCam you'll need third party hardware (one or more cameras, optionally IoT enabled devices) and a little knowledge about your network; please, check the requirements below or get in touch at before purchasing.

• A Mac running macOS Catalina, Mojave or a previous version of OS X (compatibility goes back to 10.11).
• One or more IP cameras capable of broadcasting its stream via RTSP, HTTP or RTMP; you'll need to know the webcam IP address, the protocol of its video stream, the login credentials and port for the connection.
For example, the following is the URL format you'll have to enter into GlanceCam preferences to view a Foscam webcam stream: rtsp://username:password@
You can check if your camera provides a RTSP, HTTP or RTMP stream by searching the web, usually on the manufacturer website; since there is no standard for the stream URL format, you'll need to retrieve the proper string on your camera's manual or website. If you can't find it, get in touch at we always try to help, and often succeed, but can't promise to be able to figure out the right URL for every model out there.
• For triggering actions by pressing the customizable buttons, you'll need devices or appliances that can react to HTTP GET calls.
For example, the following is the URL format you'll have to enter into GlanceCam preferences in order to activate a Robot Electronics Ethernet relay: http://username:password@
• To work over the Internet, you'll need a static public IP address (or a dynamic DNS service) and to configure port forwarding for each webcam stream and, optionally, for the action button; we recommend to start testing the video stream in LAN.


Versione 2.9

Version 2.9 adds the ability to export your list of cameras and actions (Glances, in GlanceCam's parlance) for backup and also for deploying the same set of cameras on multiple machines quickly and easily.
Obviously, since you can export, you can also import those files later or on different machines running GlanceCam; please, store your backups files safely, as they will include your devices IP addresses and credentials in human-readable format.
You can find Import Glances and Export Glances in the File menu and inside the app Preferences.
Under the hood this version also adopts a newer version of Swift, to future proof things even more.
A lot of work is going into GlanceCam's development: this is the 16th free update in around a year and a half! If GlanceCam provides you value, please consider leaving a 5 star review and, maybe, sending a tip (you can do so from the app Preferences). Thanks!

Valutazioni e recensioni

4.1 su 5
55 valutazioni

55 valutazioni

Simplify19 ,

It Really Does Work!

The maker of my cameras discontinued support of their veiwer software (it no longer worked after upgrading to Catalina). After trying several potential options--non of which worked--I found GlanceCam. The hardest part of GlanceCam is finding the correct format for the URL for your camera(s). For me it took a while on my end, but once I did, GlanceCam worked perfectly. I like the ability to use L/R gestures to move between camera views, but would really appreciate a tile screen with all (or some selectable subset) of cameras on screen at once. Nonetheless, this App does what it says it will do and does it well (once you get figure out your URL string). In farenss to GlanceCam, they are very upfront if you read the app description/web page that you will need to have this information for the app to work.

Risposta dello sviluppatore ,

Thank you so much for your very nice and fair review, I really appreciate.
I know that finding strings is sometimes a bit tricky, so I try to encourage users to contact me with their camera model to try finding them together, and I often am able to help; I'm sorry I hadn't a chance to save you some time, but I am glad it all worked out in the end and that GlanceCam is useful to you.
As for the multiple cameras, it's taking a bit longer than I expected - being more work than anticipated - but version 3.0 of GlanceCam will come soon with the ability to open multiple windows with different cameras (and later I hope to be able to add a single window with grid, column and row layouts); to be 100% transparent, I expect the multi-camera feature to be an in-app purchase to recover part of the cost of the many, many hours it's taking to make it work.
Thank you again for taking the time to write this detailed review, please let me know if I can help with anything else.

Cordelster ,

Very simple, lean, and clean IP camera viewing app.

I have been using GlanceCam for a few weeks now. Performs well and the simple interface is wonderful. Cesare is very responsive to reasonable requests. The application works great with Duhua, Axis, and Elphel cameras. The resent addition of enabling or disabling sound from the top menu bar and the additional hook to switch between cameras round it’s features out nicely and work flawlessly.

Having the option to add two action buttons to call URLs is icing on the cake that I use to call analytics display on the cameras so I can tell when I might need to tweek the settings, and well sometimes it’s just fun to watch the cameras outline and identify objects realtime.
And not to forget the addtion of functions in the touch bar… Most excellent!
Thank you Cesare!

Risposta dello sviluppatore ,

Thank you! Such a kind and generous review really made my day, and I really appreciate your input and feature requests!

By the way, your use of the action buttons to call the analytics for the camera is very smart, I never thought about it but I will do the same now!

Thanks again, I'm here if you need anything in the future. Have a great day! -Cesare

XPDay ,

Finally, A Cam Viewer that Works!

I own multiple homes and have been keeping track of their 20 or so IP security cams (Panasonic, Foscam and Amcrest) for the last decade with a variety of Mac apps. None of these apps have been adequately updated and maintained as the OS and the cams have developed over the years. Right now, GlanceCam seems to be the best fit for my needs. By directly using the cams’ stream URL’s, Cesare, you’ve provided the best, very compact, and most versatile solution! Please keep it current and keep it simple.

Risposta dello sviluppatore ,

Thank you very much! A review like yours is a great incentive to keep working on the app. Have a great day! Cesare


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