Strong free chess program.


* Free, but much stronger than most commercial iPhone chess apps!

* Plays aggressive and dynamic chess, and is not afraid of sacrificing material for initiative or attacking chances.

* Adjustable playing strength.

* Choose between several styles of play: "Passive", "Solid", "Active", "Aggressive" or "Suicidal".

* Big, deep and varied opening book. Choose between three levels of book variety.

* Displays book moves and engine analysis, including search depth, evaluations and main lines.

* Allows you to easily set up board positions.

* Able to think during the opponent's time, for maximum playing strength (disabled by default, in order to save battery life).

* Supports saving and loading games to PGN files, sending games by e-mail, and transferring PGN files between your device and your computer.

* Play against the machine, or play both sides, with or without book moves and engine analysis displayed on the screen.

* Choose from nine piece sets and eight color schemes.

* Complete source code available under the GNU General Public License.

What’s New

Version 2.13.0

Fixed a bug that caused the target area for the toolbar buttons to be shifted a few pixels up, making it difficult for some users to hit the buttons reliably.

Fixed broken move lists (not the one below the board, but the one that appears after tapping "Move" and "Move List" -- does anybody use this one?) on the new larger iPhones.

Ratings and Reviews

4.0 out of 5
143 Ratings

143 Ratings

richerchess ,

The best chess app

I have an iPhone SE purchased Nov 2017 with iOS 11.2.5. I downloaded Stockfish (and the HIARCS chess app)the same day I bought the phone. Stockfish is better than any other chess app (with HIARCS a close second). Stockfish is well over 3000 elo on my phone. It has more playing modes and features than other chess apps, is VERY easy to use, and it’s free! An example of a feature missing on most or all other apps is the display, in any play mode, of nodes(positions) searched per second, continuously updated every second, in addition to how many total nodes(positions) have been searched so far, also updated every second. I have not had any problems or glitches with the app. The phone can get quite warm when running the program but that’s normal and can be lessened by putting phone on low power mode or setting the app to not think on your time. If u have a smartphone, I recommend downloading this app!

Immotrich ,

Awesome app!

Plays a strong, tactical game even when set to lower playing strength I seriously had my hands full at the lower levels! Ok so I was sitting outside a hospital ER in near freezing temps waiting for news about my mother in law but still I am an internationally ranked player and this is one tough fish! The only cons I note so far is there's no resign or claim/offer draw buttons and the app continues to run in the background even after you close it. The work around is just let yourself get checkmated or
Let your clock run out. But overall I LOVE it! 4/2/19 update while I am able to sometimes beat or draw level 6 (uscf 2000) and level 7 (uscf 2200) since updating to iOS 12.1.4 on my iPhone 6 opponents pieces are disappearing at random, only to reappear later making it diffy to play a serious game. Developers can we have an update and your pay pal address? Hint. Hint.

Oscarclever ,

Very Strong Chess Engine.

Seriously, this app really tells the truth rather being ironic. It is the strongest chess app in the world. Even the strongest chess player couldn’t surpass this well-educated chess engine. It really finds a move that nobody can think of. It even helps people gets better and better at chess. If anyone wants to find the strong chess engine, this app and other app called “SmallFish” are the winners!!! However, I had noticed that the app developer doesn’t update his app anymore. The Stockfish now uses Stockfish 9 engine, which is 3443 Elo rating. Who doesn’t like to reach their goal of becoming strong at something? Plus, who wants to fail? Definitely nobody. The analysis is very strong.

However, there is a negative thing on this app. In the analysis mode, it doesn’t tells you about the opening book, whilst showing strong moves, instead. Most chess engine uses opening book, even on analysis mode. I don’t mind about that, but one might experience Opening Book rather than the strong moves in the Analysis mode.

Actually, if you had an iPad, then it will show both in the Analysis Mode, but not iPhone. This doesn’t affect the rating of the whole performance.

Seek you somewhere!


Tord Romstad
39 MB

Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



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