For centuries, philosophers and mathematicians have gazed up at the night sky and wondered:

"Is there Golf On Mars?"

The year is 2866. Mars is 35% terraformed, finally enough to allow the playing of the game of.. Golf!

Golf across an infinite* rocky Martian surface. Discover golfing obstacles that make us Earthlings gasp in awe!


*Infinity is impossible to represent on any non-quantum computer. In actuality there are roughly 25,770,000,000 golf holes in this game.

In 2020, NASA will launch the Perseverance rover to search for life and golf on Mars. The journey there will take 200 days,
If you were to play one hole of Golf On Mars every 30 seconds during that journey, you would only be able to complete 0.002% of the game (576000 holes).

If you were a paleolithic hunter-gatherer gazing up at the Red planet one night during your traversal of the ice bridge connecting Russia to Alaska
at the last glacial maximum 24515 years ago and a time traveler brought an iPhone for you and your tribe to ritually play a hole of Golf On Mars every 30 seconds,
it would take until the present day to complete all the holes.

But this is not a realistic simulation.

For example, if the ball is 16 pixels wide on your screen then the typical hole will be 1200 pixels away.
Scaling this to the size of a real ball (1.68 inches), it's as if the hole is only 3.5 yards away!

A realistic 18 hole golf course where the fairways are 3.5 yards away would only require about 1300 square feet of land.
However, gravity on Mars is 38% that of Earth's gravity, so you could hit a ball 7 times farther, or roughly 1400 yards for a good player.
This 18 hole course then needs to be to 64000 square feet. You could cover the entire surface of Mars with 241 billion of these golf courses.

Therefore, you could easily fit all the holes in Golf On Mars on the surface of Mars.

Mars is par 3, so aim to finish in under 77 billion strokes.

What’s New

Version 1.05

Fix for ball getting stuck under boulders.
Fix for clouds mysteriously growing in size.

Ratings and Reviews

4.8 out of 5
83 Ratings

83 Ratings

Six attack ,

Better than the original

I played Desert Golfing to death. I beat it numerous times only to subsequently delete it and play again because of my infinite enjoyment with the game. This version is the same as desert golfing with a few adjustments. Gravity is mildly less, you can now place spin on the ball, the ball rolls further even win spin is not applied, and you can change the intensity of the shot based on how long you hold down the aiming arrow.

Let me take a moment to explain the last characteristic as it was driving me crazy on multiple holes that seemed impossible to beat. If you apply max power to a shot by carefully taking your time and aiming, you will not get max power. If you quickly apply max power and release almost immediately after the arrow appears, you will get a power boost. This is evident if you carefully look at the tip of the arrow when you max out the intensity of the power. You will notice that the length of the arrow shortens at the tip if you hold down the aiming for more than a fraction of a second.

anscjones ,

Great successor to a legendary iOS game

Desert golfing golfing is un-ironically one of the greatest mobile games ever. It’s simplicity is rare for a mobile game & creates a unique and engaging experience. The gameplay is addicting yet barebones, but somehow doesn’t get old.

Golf on Mars carries over all of these traits & adds just enough new mechanics to justify the new game. With slightly tweaked physics & optional spin mechanics along with a secret menu, Golf on Mars is much more fleshed out than Desert golfing, by comparison only.

This game is endless, in regards to levels & enjoyment. A must buy for mobile gamers.

claytontodd ,

So infuriating

With most games, the better you get, the easier it becomes. This stupid game throws in holes every once in a while that are physically impossible based on the limitations of the game where the only option is to spend 26 strokes trying to make it before it finally lets you skip that hole.

And if you're good enough to make a perfect shot land directly in the hole, don't get excited - it WILL bounce out.

The physics of the game are also stacked against you - if the ball is going up a hill away from the hole and reaches a stop, it won't return back down the hill towards the hole when it's in your favor. HOWEVER, if the ball is rolling up a hill TOWARDS the hole and reaches a stop, it will immediately pivot backwards and pick up momentum in the opposite direction to roll as far from the hole as possible. I'm 170 levels in, and this has proven to be true on dozens of holes with the same grade of steepness on hills.


Captain Games Inc.
2 MB

Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



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