GPS - “Video Postcard”

GPS won’t just send your postcards!

Surprise your family with something special. Download the APP, take a photo or record a personalised video and send it to a recipient of your choice.

HOW? Just open the APP and insert the special code you find on the GPS sticker you received at the store, record your video or take a photo and that’s it! Whoever receives the video will only have to go on the GPS website, insert the same code in order to watch it.

The internet won’t keep you apart. But GPS goes straight to the heart.


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jules01921 ,


I have been living in Italy for about four months now, and, somehow, no matter what I try, my mail never makes it back to the US. I stumbled upon these “GPS Stamps” and thought, “maybe these are it!” But, no, they are not. I only paid €2.50 for each stamp, which I think is standard for international postage, but I had high hopes for these stamps (I bought two). My family hasn’t received their Christmas cards, and I don’t think they will for another month or so.

The app is completely unclear, and it tells me that the “QR was read by recipient,” which I do not understand, and they have nothing to explain as to what it means as well. What does it take to send mail to USA from Rome?!?

krissfelicity ,


We waited until right before we left to grab stamps and the little store next to our hotel only sold these. 20£ for 8 postcards. It’s been weeks since we’ve returned. The app shows that they’ve made it to the ‘hub’ and have been distributed 4 days ago... the app doesn’t mention where in the world they are and that map they show in the pictures is purely just a map. It has nothing at all to do with tracking. Purely another scam for tourists. What a shame.

kimhdz324 ,

Waste of money

Do NOT buy these stamps, they’re convenient to find in touristy areas but you should really just go to a tabaccheria and ask for stamps to the US instead. These stamps NEVER arrive to their final destination, and you will NEVER be able to track them because they don’t go anywhere!! Save yourself the extra money!


Globe Postal Service S.R.L.
24.6 MB
Foto e video

Richiede iOS 10.0 o versioni successive. Compatibile con iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.





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