This weekend has come. You want to spend your virtual home with your grandmother's home.
Family... Your grandma is an amazing woman, you like to be there forever...! Since you and
Your family will immediately surprise you. Your grandma must prepare new things and do her things.
Regular and daily housework as well!
Because housework and caring for guests will be completely busy with you, you as a player
Must help your virtual grandma take care of virtual homepage games! Celebrate the weekend
With the entire family! So download the game to get a family experience for the whole family
Get together at grandma's place to spend the weekend and spend some time together.
Stay with her and help her to repay your grandmother's love, this game focuses on all
We must always show what they should feel... !!!
Although Grandma is happy to meet you, she still needs to perform many tasks... Help
Grandma Simulator completes these tasks as soon as possible!
The grandma simulator game has many tasks for grandma, what she must do, what must be done
do! ! ! To do this, you must first download grandma simulator game and
When the game tells you to play...
Become a grandma simulator to become a virtual grandma and perform all the tasks assigned to her...
Helps her manage all the work she does for the virtual family and what she has to do
For her virtual family guests! So remember this and take her responsibility.
Perform multiple tasks for grandmother to store family activities in her virtual reality
Virtual home game!
Perform different types of family activity tasks, such as preventing grandchildren from fighting because of them
Play here you do not play! You must also feed hungry pets and cats. The food is
Grandma can also play the piano so that her grandchildren can go to school! Finally, celebrate
Family members' birthdays, eat cake together!
*** How to Play Game Virtual GRANNY Simulator ***

- Download the game to start the game
- Select game level
- The task will be displayed at the top
- Use the joystick to move the home simulator
- Perform this task at a specific time on the screen, otherwise you will lose the point of life
- Navigation map will be provided on the screen
- Select button/icon is also displayed on the screen
- Continue to the next task after completing the previous task

*** Game Virtual GRANNY Simulator Features***
- High quality 3D graphics game
-3D simulation
- Virtual Family Game Character Simulation
- many activities
- Time-based levels and games
- Screen Control

Ratings and Reviews

3.4 out of 5
538 Ratings

538 Ratings

TwentyOne_Pilots ,

Kinda good 😕

In this game it is good, but in this review i’m going to say all the things that bug me and I am going to say ideas. 1. Your too slow. When Jacob and Alexa were arguing I was super slow and a normal grandma woud run to see what is happening. 2. Grammer.
So grammer is soooo bad in this game beacause in the begining it said “Your grand childs are sleeping
go wake your grand childs” like bruh, if child is plural it is pronounced grand-children. Time for ideas.
1. Can you please add a run button... I want y’all (or the creator if there is no develepors) to add a run button cause if you added run button that would be fantastic!!! 2. Too much notifications about rating the game. There is probaly a notification to rate this game on every level so please can you fix that. And also the creator is lucky that I gave Him/Her a 4 star rating because I am a nice person and if I weren’t a nice person I would probaly give you a 1 star rating

ThatOneLoserWhoWastesHisTime ,


This is the best game I’ve ever played in my entire life. The graphics are absolutely beautiful and look better than real life. The gameplay is exhilarating, each level I was full of suspense as the timer raged on. The characters are interesting and relatable. Like Jacob, I also sleep with my eyes fully opened. And grandma. Grandma is such a fleshed-out character who would do anything to defend her grandchildren. I can’t believe someone can be so humble and good. The story is incredible. It never fails to entertain. I won’t spoil it for you reader, because it truly is amazing and incredible, but I will tell you I personally loved repeatedly doing basic tasks over and over again. This developer should definitely receive more recognition not just for this game, but all his other ones, because they truly are amazing in quality. Even compared to beloved games like Undertale and Detroit Become Human, this is the obvious superior game. In conclusion, this game is amazing. I’ve left my home and family just to play this game infinitely until I die. Which is why I give a five star rating. Absolutely breathtaking and amazing.

ohhryeyry ,


This game is a little fun to play when I’m bored, but 1. The grammar is awful and is really annoying, the game doesn’t use plural nouns and it bothers me when they say stuff like “grand-childs” 2. Granny is REALLY slow like there needs to be a speed walk or run button so I can finish faster and it’s more efficient for my grand children 3. I CANNOT walk through doorways I always get stuck on the door and it’s annoying and then she will just start going into the wall :/


Asad Khan
131.7 MB

Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



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