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Grasshopper customers can now run their businesses from anywhere with the new Grasshopper iPhone app:

* Call and text* using your Grasshopper number (requires working phone service on your iPhone and data access)
* Text in US now supports MMS and Group messaging capability
* Check messages and call history
* Set up push notifications for missed calls and messages
* Sign & email faxes and PDFs**
* Easily call extensions on your Grasshopper account
* Change call forwarding settings
* Make and receive calls over WiFi in areas with little or no cellular coverage***
* Easily detect suspected spam calls with WiFi calling***

Sound professional and stay connected from anywhere, always, with the Grasshopper iPhone app.

Note: The app works by calling an access number through your iPhone's regular dialer app after sending a 'heads up' by data to our servers beforehand. So you need to have voice AND data access for the app to work.

*Available in US only. Must be subscribed to the service and be signed in as an admin to use texting
**To sign any PDF, simply click the actions icon when viewing a PDF and choose "open in Grasshopper" option.
***Available in US only.

Что нового

Версия 5.11.0

- Bug fixes and Improvements

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4.7 из 5
Оценок: 23.3 тыс.

Оценок: 23.3 тыс.

Claricesabrina ,

Awesome for business phone service!

This is such a great service I was able to cancel my Comcast telephone service and the expensive chat bot service I had linked to my website so clients could reach me with questions etc (that forwarded to an app in my phone). My only wish is that is had the option to have a pop up on the website. No let a dealbreaker because I am using Wix and installed their chat pop up so messages from the website go there but responses from me go to their email which makes conversations take a long time sometimes so I REALLY wish Grasshoper would give us a website pop up that worked along with this program I would even pay extra for it. For the money though and what it can do it is totally worth it!

Ответ разработчика ,

We are glad you are enjoying the app! We appreciate your feedback and will be happy to submit that as a feature request on your behalf. Thanks!

yl.benmuir ,

Made me lose out on $100,000?

I’ve been using grasshopper to run my flooring business for 3+ years. I’ve been getting complaints from customers calling in that often their calls get dropped while waiting or it just goes to nothing. And these complaints have been increasing.

After finally sitting down to do some research, I looked at my “missed calls”. Over a period of 28 days, there were 59 dropped calls from the “Main Greeting”. Not knowing what this meant, I called grasshopper only to find out that the Main Greeting is the initial welcome message customers hear when they call in. Over 28 days, i missed out on 59 calls! Not able to go back any further, I have to ask, over 3 years, how many of these calls were dropped? How much business did my company miss out on?

Let’s conservatively say we missed out on 600 calls per year. That’s 1800 potential customer we never got. If I landed 20% of those leads (which we average 50%), that’s 360 clients over 3 years. Our average ticket is $4,000. That’s over a $1,000,000. Truly Makes me sick thinking about it... transferring out my grasshopper number today to my Verizon account.

Sunrae518 ,

Grasshopper helps our A-game

My husband and I own/operate a small HVAC company— he does the work, I do the administrative tasks. Utilizing Grasshopper with our mobile phones not only saves us thousands in the overhead it would cost for a full voice system, but also gives our company the professionalism we strive for in all our processes, as well as the comparable accessibility one would get from a larger company. Our existing and potential clients can contact us, leaving messages— if we are on a jobsite, hear our hours and we can return the calls when we are available. I love the customizable features and it fits our small business budget. It’s a game-changer for the entrepreneur and we are glad it’s available to us.

Ответ разработчика ,

Thank you for your feedback! We are happy Grasshopper is working for you!


71.7 МБ

Требуется iOS 12.0 и новее. Совместимо с iPhone, iPad и iPod touch.





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