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AdBlue is a product dedicated to Diesel engines. It is a highly purified colourless liquid. It contains demineralized water and pure urea (32.5%). The main active component of AdBlue is ammonia. This is chemically formed by hydrolysing automotive urea, which is the main raw material for AdBlue.

Your vehicle needs AdBlue to reduce NOₓ emission, one of the emissions that causes acid rain as well as other environmental concerns. Due to the stricter emission legislation, the use of Selective Catalyst Reduction-technology ( SCR) and AdBlue is required. The Euro 6 standards were initially introduced on certain passenger car models from September 2014 for new vehicles, other ranges rolled out over the next three years.

This App presents all of the stores in which you can find GreenChem AdBlue4you products. The App will localise you and propose the closest station, based on your location.

Once you have selected the station, you have the choice to be directed to the store thanks to the navigation system of your smartphone.

At GreenChem, we want to make the customer journey as easy as possible and this App will help you to find AdBlue a easy as possible.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us using the contact option in the App, feel free to send us your feedback for future improvements!


Version 1.2

Performance improvements.

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