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■ What is the GTN App?
The GTN App is a comprehensive lifestyle support application designed specifically for foreigners.
It's provided by Global Trust Networks Co., Ltd., which boasts a diverse team from various countries, dedicated to offering services tailored to the needs of the international community.

■ What can I do with it?
Whether you're just settling into life in Japan or have been living there for a while, the GTN App is here to help with any issues or concerns you might have about life in Japan through both AI chat and live chat support.

POINT (1) "GTN: Dedicated Support for Foreigners Living in Japan!"
Global Trust Networks Co., Ltd. offers comprehensive support for foreigners in Japan. From finding an apartment and guaranteeing your lease to helping you with mobile service and credit card agreements, we've got all aspects of your life in Japan covered!

POINT (2) "90,000 Support Cases Annually with a 97% Resolution Rate!"
GTN has an impressive track record of handling 90,000 support cases every year, successfully addressing the growing number of challenges faced by foreign residents.
We pride ourselves on offering high-quality, direct support with a 97% success rate in resolving inquiries.

POINT (3) "Access Free, Easy-to-Use AI Chat and Live Support!"
By signing up as a member, you can easily reach out for free advice on any problems or concerns you may have about living in Japan.

*Registration is hassle-free, requiring only the essential details needed for chat support.

POINT (4) "Language is No Barrier – Use the App in Your Mother Tongue!"
Don't worry if Japanese isn't your strength – you can navigate the app in your native language.
*Live support is offered in 22 languages, including but not limited to Chinese, Korean, English, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Nepali, and Mongolian.
*The app's interface is available in several languages: Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Portuguese.

POINT (5) "Rate Our Live Support!"
We welcome your feedback, questions, and bug reports to continually enhance the app. Share your experience with us and rate our service.
Contact us via Email:"


バージョン 6.0.0

・The design of the app has been redesigned.
・AI chat has been renewed.
・Added recording function to chat.
・Added user evaluation function to chat.
・Push notifications can now be controlled individually.
・Improved performance and fixed bugs.



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