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Do you pay special attention to protein consumption in your diet? Then this product info guide to protein contents in our food is perfect to assist you on your next shopping trip -
Discover the top protein-rich foods!

Protein values and calories for thousands of regular foods & produce, brand-name products and even popular restaurant meals are included in this extensive list.


Quite often we eat too much and then we usually choose the wrong things, too. Many athletes watch their protein intake, but forget to take into account their total calories.
A conscious and balanced approach to protein and total energy is often more difficult than expected, especially with ready-made and processed foods from the supermarket.

What’s usually missing is a large, comprehensive list to look up specific protein values and compare servings – Something that is easy enough to use and lightning quick to discover suitable product alternatives for as much variety as possible in our diet. But no longer!

This app is meant to complement your meal planning, support you in purchasing great new foods and still help you to meet your nutritional goals!


This protein nutrition guide quickly calculates the protein contents for your personal food portions / serving sizes.
Browse through a large list from dairy products, meat, sprouts, beans, fruits, vegetables, seafood as well as breakfast cereals, drinks or snacks from brand-name companies. Even popular restaurant menu choices are included if you like eating out!
Calorie info is provided if energy content is important for you.


Additionally, our special food explorer helps to filter products according to your needs: Simply define lower / upper limits for protein content (or calories) and it will return matching products.
If you are looking for items with only 5g of protein (maybe because this is all you need to replace or have left for the day) – no problem! Pick from the list of results and spice up your meals according to your taste.


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1 note

KVelma ,

Dining Guide!

This app is primarily for ready to eat food such as what you would find at a restaurant or in the frozen food section of the grocery store. For those of us trying to cook at home more or those who prefer to eat raw or minimally processed foods, KEEP LOOKING!

Réponse du développeur ,

Dear user,

thanks for your input. It's only partially correct - the app does include a vast amount of fresh products to improve your home cooking. Simply add "fresh product" to your search to eliminate all the processed brand items (e.g. "grapefruit fresh...").

There's a small help section if you go to "Settings -> Help & FAQs" that explains this and has additional tips for you to get the most out of the app.
If you need more assistance, please use the support mail inside the app for direct contact.

the developers

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