Birds of South Florida 4+

A Guide to Common Species

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Another app in our Florida Wildlife series...

*** Now featuring bird songs (high-quality MP3 files) for each bird described***

This app shows the 104 most common bird species found in southern Florida, including the Everglades National Park. For each bird there are two or three high-resolution pictures, a brief description, and a link to view the corresponding Wikipedia pages within the application window. All descriptive information is in English, the animal names are also shown in scientific (Latin) nomination and in German.

The app features a modern, intuitive interface with easy navigation and search facilities for finding an animal by its name or searching in the full text for features and characteristics.

If you're interested in Florida's wildlife, don't miss this app which is equally suitable for iPhone and iPad.

These bird species are shown and described in this app:

Water Birds
• American Black Duck
• American Coot
• American Flamingo
• American White Pelican
• Anhinga
• Blue-Winged Teal
• Brown Pelican
• Double-Crested Cormorant
• Great Blue Heron
• Great Egret
• Green Heron
• Green-Winged Teal
• Limpkin
• Magnificent Frigatebird
• Mallard
• Mottled Duck
• Northern Shoveler
• Pied-Billed Grebe
• Red-Breasted Merganser
• Ring-Necked Duck
• Roseate Spoonbill
• Ruddy Duck
• Sandhill Crane
• White Ibis
• Wood Duck
• Wood Stork

Hawks, Vultures, and Kites
• American Black Vulture
• American Kestrel
• Bald Eagle
• Crested Caracara
• Osprey
• Red-Shouldered Hawk
• Red-Tailed Hawk
• Swallow-Tailed Kite
• Turkey Vulture

Game Birds
• Northern Bobwhite
• Wild Turkey

Marsh and Shorebirds
• American Avocet
• American Oystercatcher
• Black-Bellied Plover
• Black-Necked Stilt
• Killdeer
• Lesser Yellowlegs
• Ruddy Turnstone
• Sanderling
• Willet

Gulls, Terns and Skimmers
• Black Skimmer
• Caspian Tern
• Laughing Gull
• Least Tern
• Ring-Billed Gull
• Royal Tern

Pigeons, Doves, Parakeets and Cuckoos
• Common Ground-Dove
• Mangrove Cuckoo
• Monk Parakeet
• Mourning Dove
• Rock Pigeon
• Smooth-billed Ani
• White-crowned Pigeon
• White-winged Dove
• Yellow-Billed Cuckoo

Owls and other Night Birds
• Barred Owl
• Burrowing Owl
• Chuck-will's-widow
• Common Nighthawk
• Eastern Screech-Owl
• Great Horned Owl

• Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

Kingfishers and Woodpeckers
• Belted Kingfisher
• Downy Woodpecker
• Northern Flicker
• Pileated Wood Pecker
• Red-Bellied Woodpecker
• Red-cockaded Woodpecker
• Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

• American Crow
• American Goldfinch
• American Robin
• Baltimore Oriole
• Blue Jay
• Brown Thrasher
• Carolina Chickadee
• Carolina Wren
• Cedar Waxwing
• Chipping Sparrow
• Common Grackle
• Common Yellowthroat
• Eastern Bluebird
• Eastern Kingbird
• Eastern Meadowlark
• Eastern Towhee
• European Starling
• Florida Scrub Jay
• Great Crested Flycatcher
• House Sparrow
• Indigo Bunting
• Northern Cardinal
• Northern Mockingbird
• Palm Warbler
• Purple Martin
• Red-Winged Blackbird
• Tree Swallow
• Tufted Titmouse
• Yellow-Rumped Warbler


Version 2.1.2

Eliminated an issue with the sound play library caused by iOS13.

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

treesyes ,

A waste of money

Only has the most common birds. The title in the App Store didn’t reflect this limited usefulness. Photos aren’t captioned. Don’t waste your money. Zero stars.

Entwickler-Antwort ,

If you had read the title and description of the app, you would not have written such a negative and inappropriate review. The app title/subtitle points out that it shows the most common birds and the description even lists all species included. The name of the birds are above all photos, no need for explicit captions. If you feel this was a waste of waste, just ask for a refund from Apple, which is possible within a certain time frame. But it requires to READ some terms and instructions...

Elbee4000 ,

Birds of Florida

This book is not worth buying. It has no shore birds and the other birds are so common you don't need a book to identify them.

Entwickler-Antwort ,

It is not a book. The app name and description clearly states what to expect and which birds are included. If you find it not worth buying, then don't buy it. Moreover, it is NOT true that there are no shore birds included, they are in the description list and in the app.


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