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One of the first steps in ear training is recognizing intervals. Knowing what the distance is between two notes. Because every melody, chord or scale consists of a series of intervals, this is a very useful and also fundamental skill in music.

This app helps you to identify the intervals and at the same time how to find them on the guitar.

With an improved knowledge of intervals on the guitar you can figure out chord progressions more easily, can reproduce melodies as you hear them, get a better understanding of written music etc.


- 17 selectable intervals, from unison, minor second thru major tenth.

- Choice between melodic and harmonic intervals, ascending & descending.

- A graphical representation of intervals on the guitar.

- The root note can be chosen over two octaves.

- Portrait, portrait upside down and both landscape modes.

- Optional voice function, convenient for training in the car.

- Practice and test (quiz)mode.

- Intervals are grouped by difficulty level. Each group has 6 progress indicators corresponding to the different interval types (melodic ascending/descending, harmonic ascending/descending, random melodic, random harmonic/melodic).

- Optional reference melodies for each interval can be played. These should help in learning intervals faster.

- In practicing harmonic intervals, the interval is classified as consonant/dissonant. Hearing this difference is beneficial in identifying harmonic intervals.

- More than 10 alternate tunings e.g. the NST (new standard tuning) and all fourths tuning. The latter has the property that same intervals all have similar patterns down or across the fretboard.

- Option to play only tapped notes (interval type "None"). Useful in figuring out melodies or trying alternate tunings.

- In practice mode the root can also be played as the second note in the interval.

- Support for left handed guitar.

- Support for bass guitar.

- To be in line with written music, enharmonic equivalent notes are used to have classical interval names. E.g. the 3 semitone interval C - D# will be called minor third C - Eb.

- Intervals can be practiced and tested in a scale context. Sometimes the same intervals may sound quite different just because of being played in another scale. To strengthen the scale interval knowledge the partial scale runs of the interval can be played automatically backward and/or forward for a chosen scale.

- More than 15 of the most important scales are implemented and can be visualized on the fretboard. The scale notes are clustered and colored to show clearly the root note for which the interval applies.

- Universal app: designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, 64-bit compatible.

- Support for all screen sizes.

- Dark mode support.

- iOS, iPadOS 15 tested.


Versión 4.86

- Fix for layout issue when app is started with the device in horizontal position.

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4,6 de 5
8 valoraciones

8 valoraciones

Mrbrentbt ,

Life saver for learning intervals

It just keeps playing the intervals and then says the interval after a length of time you set. This allows you to just listen and name the interval without having to touch anything. I lay in bed, set the app to give me the answer after 5 seconds. Then I just lay there and listen to each interval, guess the name and then after five seconds the app gives me the answer and then moves to the next interval to guess automatically

jh17 ,

I am impressed

I've tried quite a few different interval training apps (5-7 by my best estimate) over the past year or so and after ten minutes with this one I'm quite impressed.

The sheer number of adjustable settings seems a bit overwhelming at first, but the in-app instructions are well-written and I was able to start testing myself almost immediately.

That said, I would not recommend this app for someone who is not familiar with the guitar fretboard or interval construction. While I think ear training is a very important part of developing musicianship, I would argue that those who are just starting to study intervals would be better suited by app that demonstrates intervals on a piano/keyboard as they are much easier to "visualize" in the more linear fashion that a keyboard provides. It's obviously possible to play linear scales on one string on the guitar, but this is not how scales are most commonly used/constructed by guitarists.

If, however, you do understand the fretboard layout and perhaps know some scale patterns already, this app will be useful to you. As a guitar player I'm particularly excited to try the alternate tuning settings, which will no doubt be challenging at first.

Anyway, if you're on the fence, spend the $3 on this app - I believe it will be a powerful asset to anyone who uses it diligently, myself included.

deberney ,


I've been playing guitar most of my life and just recently began taking lessons. My instructor is focusing on intervals and hearing notes before they are played. I found this app to help me along and I will say it has advanced my interval/ear training by leaps and bounds.
My guitar playing has jumped to a different level since I started the interval/sound training. It would have taken so much longer without this app. It is a very simple app that will take your musical abilities to levels you never knew where there. Anyone wanting to go to the next step should use this app. I could see this app helping with any instrument you play.

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