GuitarLayers is a professional guitar learning and teaching software.

It allows students and teachers to visualize and manage, common or custom scales, chords and arpeggios shapes through a fully parametric control interface.

GuitarLayers automatically generates Scales Modes, Chords or Arpeggios Inversions, Drop Voicings according to modern guitar theories and it allows you to create Vertical shapes, custom Notes-Per-String shapes, CAGED shapes, Horizontal Shapes on string sets, for any common or custom structure.

It enables you to visualise harmonic concepts by overlapping shapes automatically on the guitar fretboard, generating chord-scale, arpeggio-scale, scale-scale diagrams and, moreover, lets you to harmonise automatically any scale with its forming chords and arpeggios.

You can easily create articulate multi-fretboard visualizations in real-time, export or print diagrams, organize and archive your contents in a powerful internal library.

Build scales, chords or arpeggios, create harmonizations then view them in any possible shape and position on the fretboard

Compare scales, chords and arpeggios by using a powerful layers system and view the relationship between their mutual positions on the fretboard

Organize your contents in browsable single or multi-fretboard projects, adding explanations, and saving them in files and folders.

Move from theory to practice. Map your music knowledge on the guitar by visualizing theory concepts and harmonic rules on the fretboard

Take your teaching activity to the next level by enjoying a fully configurable educational platform. Create your contents and bring them always with you for ordinary lessons or seminars

Learn and then go beyond traditional educational contents by building custom scales, chords and arpeggios and map them on the guitar fretboard

Instead of learning static scales, chords or arpeggios shapes, view and compare them simultaneously on the fretboard. By overlapping different layers enhance your ability to find them on the fly and to switch from one to another while playing: music is a dynamic process!

Create your educational content and then share it with other musicians all over the world. Join the community, visit our forum!

Print or Export fretboards as images in any format, size, color, with or without background!

Inside guitarLayers library you have at your disposal the most common scales and chords shapes organized and ordered, by professional musicians, according to the modern guitar theory

GuitarLayers allows you:

- to build scales, arpeggios and chords, from common to user-defined ones by using the correct enharmonic notation

- to shape scales, arpeggios and chords in any possible way on the fretboard

- to visualize two or more structures simultaneously on the fretboard by overlapping different layers

- to perform scales comparison on a same or different fretboards, chord-scale overlapping and mapping, scale-arpeggio overlapping and mapping

- to simultaneously visualize more fretboards and to arrange them in single or multiple columns

- to print or export fretboards as images in any format, size, color, with or without background

- to find chords and arpeggios that harmonize a given scale. The user can build both common and user-defined chord or arpeggio by picking notes from a scale he wants to harmonize

- to have at your disposal a complete pre-loaded library containing the principal scales and chords shapes organized and ordered, by professional musicians, according to the modern guitar theory

What’s New

Version 2.3.0

New Instruments added: 

Guitar 6 Strings C G C F A D (Drop C);

Guitar 6 Strings D A D G B E (Drop D);

Guitar 6 Strings D A D G B D (Double Drop D);

Guitar 6 Strings C G C G C E (Open C);

Guitar 6 Strings D A D F# A D (Open D);

Guitar 6 Strings E B E G# B E (Open E);

Guitar 6 Strings D G D G B D (Open G);

Guitar 6 Strings E A E A C# E (Open A);

Guitar 6 Strings D G C G C D (Open Page);

Guitar 6 Strings C A C G C E (C6);

Guitar 6 Strings D A D G A D (Celtic)
Guitar 8 Strings A D G D G C E A;

Guitar 8 Strings A E A D G B E A;

Other internal revisions and optimizations

Ratings and Reviews

4.0 out of 5
8 Ratings

8 Ratings

Pje97200 ,

Great, but some improvements would be highly appreciated

This app is very useful and very ergonomic but some suggestions :

- You cannot delete one individual note from a shape. Fortunately, most of the time you can find a suitable shape, but it’s a wasting time reviewing all differents shapes before findind the good one. And sometimes I was unable to find a good shape,for fingering purposes, so I have some note positions I cannot remove . The note removal is global where it should be individual.
- In addition to the global zoom, a vertical zoom should be implemented to adjust the fretboard heigth, and to display several fretboards , i.e. for rehearsal .
- No sound all all ( notes cannot be played ). For training or mobile situations, or without instrument, it can be useful to hear the notes. The final goal is playing music ;-)

- May we have a user defined default color set instead of the default white color ? Now, I have to create a default shape with default colors then clone it.

Other ideas for future versions: Add MIDI Clock or ReWire sync to automatically switch between groups or scrolling while using a DAW , and playing a song...

deleuze1 ,

sound would be totally awesome

I love this app. Great conception, great learning and teaching tool. Great way to create new ways to practice. I too think it would be so awesome to hear sounds, although I know the developer didn't intend to do this. still, would make an awesome app even more awesome.

Developer Response ,

We are working to improve the software and today we not exclude the possibility to add the sound feature in the future. Thanks for your feedback


Its a great Teaching, and practicing tool ! !!!

This piece of software has been great for reviewing my notes, scales, harmonies, chords, triads, complex chords and polytonal chords, for experimenting with different structures and theoretical concepts and for teaching students Music theory and structures based on simple building blocks to build complex theoretical structures for composition.
Brent David Cartwright (Doc)
Docs Lab


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OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor



Age Rating
Rated 4+
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