Gunshot City 17+

Athanasios Rogkas

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Gunshot City is an open world action game that offers you the freedom to play the way you like.

Whether you play by the rules or against them you chose how to earn your money. You can become a criminal and fight against rival gangs or you can do normal jobs to earn some extra cash. The choice is yours.
Drive fast cars and win street races to earn money so you can buy new content for the game like weapons, character outfits or even new safehouses.

Tons of vehicle specific missions including Police Patrol, Firefighter, Ambulance Driver, Taxi Driver and more!
Explore a big map and find it's secrets by driving land, sea or air vehicles.
Enter the Weapon-Nation to buy more weapons and explosives and let no one stand in your way.
Bonus modes includes the Arcade Challenges where you can use all kinds of weapons to cause some chaos and earn money.

*note: Gunshot City is an open world/action game developed entirely by one person. Programming and almost all of it's graphics and character animations are all handmade.

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3,9 από 5
81 βαθμολογίες

81 βαθμολογίες

Toonlink318 ,

Like it, but some things I would like and about the game.

I like this game considering it was done by one person.
However one thing I would like in it is cheat codes. In GTA
and GTA-like games, one of my favorite things to use in the games is cheats because they make games like these more fun.
Another thing is that the camera can flip upside down, disorienting you. Also, why does the game have to load every time you enter a vehicle? However this game is a great start.

#𝕽𝕴𝕮𝕳𝕶𝕴𝕯$ ⚜️ 🔱 ,

It’s great but you’re other games but guns and Spurs 2 is winning

I like the game but If there’s a gunshot city 2 witch I hope there is I expect everything from the first gunshot city on the 2nd one but with best graphics and sensitive realistic car damage like in real life and that you could be able to see inside the car windows not just fake ones and make the places you can get into non teleportation in the buildings just walk into straight without loading and make clothing stores and more food in the menu of burger world more restaurants and stores clothing stores and gas stations everything new generation and realistic people reaction and open world

Thin Moo ,


This game is actually pretty fun, when you first play it seems pretty bad but the cars are cool and you can ride helicopters, Bikes, and all sorts of vehicle you can do cool tricks and drift, this game is really sick, you can explore so much but the map isn’t that big and you should probably add more to the city also you should let the character aim when they have a gun, but overall this game is fun and I would love to see a good update.

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