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4.8 out of 5
1.8K Ratings

1.8K Ratings

idklololol ,

Easy, simple, and fun

This is perfect!! I love how customizable this is. My friend and I are working out together but hated apps that made you weigh yourself and count calories. We just want to focus on moving and enjoying fitness, not worrying so much about obsessing over macros. We’ve been using this 3 weeks so far and it’s super motivating! I wish you could edit the photo after the workout is posted, though. It would also be nice to see the progress total—such as total number of minutes or distance or whatever goal it is. I’d love an option with a progress bar or percentage showing how far into the challenge you are too.

Either way—it’s nice there’s different options like hustle points, which we’re going to try next. PS for those who do want to track calories burned, you can have that option. It also has distance, time, and some other options, too! This is a great app.

Developer Response ,

Thank you for the review! Feedback noted.

Swim frsda ,

Open points?

My friends and I use this all the time for group challenges. But, it looks like you got rid of open point style challenges. One challenge we like to do is pick you poison, where each lady picks four possible points a day to get. We all pick our own four points at the beginning of the month and use this ap to track them. It is really fun. But for June, it looks like there is no more open point option. There are these new hustle points, which look super fun for later, but they won’t work for open points. We have also used open points for other challenges where the group says what the points equate to rather than the ap telling us. Please bring back open point tracking.

Developer Response ,

Hi, thank you for your review! The app actually does still support an open point system, although it’s not obvious. To do this, do the following. 1) Create a hustle points challenge 2) When the app asks for activities for the challenge, select “Start completely new” 3) Don’t create any activities 4) When logging a workout, you’ll be able to manually enter points into the points field and the app will accept it and tally it up as your score. Sorry it’s a bit harder, but I think you’ll find it’s still possible.

ToriKiyoko ,

Great app, perfect for our needs.

My friends and I have been looking for an easy way to do fitness challenges, but since we all have different phones/fitness trackers/preferred methods of exercise, this was proving hard to do. This app solves that problem nicely, and we rank by calories burned. My only gripe, and this is a personal one, is that I wish it linked to my Fitbit. Since it does not, I have to manually enter data, which is only mildly inconvenient. My other wish is that I would like the option to add photos or videos to all workouts, not just the manual entry ones. Otherwise, a perfect app for our purposes.

Developer Response ,

Thank you for the review and suggestions. They are on my list of things to do.

delightedusercc ,

The perfect social fitness challenge app

I never leave reviews but I just love this app and I appreciate the responsiveness of the developer. My friend and I wanted to do a fitness challenge for fun and I researched every social fitness challenge app in the App Store, and after trying a bunch I picked this one because it has all the features I was looking for and nothing more. It's super simple and easy to use. Also, the developer Mack is super responsive, and I was pleasantly surprised that he immediately responded to some suggestions I gave. Thanks for taking the time to build, maintain, and improve this app!

nikkitwostep ,

Need Motivation? Use Competition!!!

I’ve been using this app since June to motivate my friends and coworkers to get up and start moving especially during a time like this...COVID!! As a leader I’ve had to find creative ways to make the challenges fun and harder every month but it’s working!!! In June I had 7 participants...the November challenge starts in 2 days and I have almost 20 people ready to compete 💪🏾💯 I love this app!!

Mcayers86 ,

Garbage Update (March 2024)

The app was updated and literally downgraded. Step challenges are now completely useless without having multiple additional steps just to track them appropriately. Some auto generated things like activity titles were removed. We used the app to have both activity and steps challenges. It use to be one of the few apps capable of doing both and they eliminated the one unique feature to other apps that just do steps or just activities. Disappointing. We will be finding a new challenge platform after this month.

haydnaboy ,

Fun & Healthy Way to Connect with Friends

I love this app. Lots of my friends live all over the country and it’s given us a platform to both connect and stay healthy together throughout the pandemic and beyond. Helps me get to the gym on days I don’t want to when i see all my friends already went!!

mila29($-@ ,


This app is so good! You can edit anything you need and you can have several options of what you want the competition to be. You can make or join a group and you ca Bc also leave it. You can text and see who’s in the group. It’s a great app!

🎼😍😱 ,


Incredible app to keep our collegiate club lacrosse team motivated and having fun over the summer. Would love to see a version of this for other habits - potentially something for hydration? It would be awesome to be able to track and give points for water intake!

celeritea ,

simple and perfect for group challenges

Thanks for keeping the app simple/easy to use and ad-free!! This is literally the only app my friends and I found that suited our “accountabilibuddy” system for working out. Love the freedom to include specific workout details instead of choosing from presets.