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Habit Streaks est un tracker simple d'habitudes : commémorez vos réussites quotidiennes en construisant votre série !

Avec un design ultra simple, il est facile de voir vos séries et achèvements quant à vos habitudes pour vous garder motivé. Restez motivé avec des thèmes à débloquer ! Plus votre série est longue, plus vous recevez de déblocages !

- Design ultra simple avec 0 encombrement. Ce qui rend le suivi de vos habitudes extrêmement facile.
- Des gestes simples pour suivre vos habitudes.
- Horaire flexible: Combien de fois par semaine ? ou par jour ?
- Des rappels pour chaque habitude afin de vous rappeler de les réaliser.
- Thème ! Personnalisez Habit Streaks avec des thèmes personnalisables.
- Accomplissez vos habitudes quotidiennement. Vous avez toute la journée pour les réaliser, faites-le !
- Vérifiez vos statistiques pour chaque habitude. Quelle est votre série la plus longue ? Combien de fois l'avez-vous réalisée ?


Version 1.79.21

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Notes et avis

3.4 sur 5
123 notes

123 notes

SusanS56 ,

Good but ...

I like the concept of this and it has some great features. I used to use it and created good habits. But now that I am trying to use it again I am having problems with it and can’t figure out how to do my tracking. Hopefully I’ll get it.

luckylibrarian ,


I loved the concept of this app and the price for the upgrade is reasonable I think compared to what's out there in this market. I think the themes are gorgeous and I'd really love this app to work. I'd probably use it daily. Unfortunately, as another reviewer pointed out in October (and I wish I'd read their review before buying), the app does crash if you close the program completely. It restarts from the tutorial and all of your habits (and completion history) are gone, so it's impractical for long-term use.

The FAQs link in the app turned up zero results so I'm not sure how to notify the app developer that this is an issue without leaving a review. If you are careful to not close the app completely, you can probably still get a lot of enjoyment out of using this product. For long-term use and the accidental phone shutdown or if you regularly close out your programs, then this is probably not the app for you (until fixed). Thank you for reading.

Golf Fan 86 ,

Horrible App

Needed a simple habit tracker and this app seemed to do the trick, not super elaborate and allowed for notifications. I installed the app, upgraded it so that I could do more than 3 habits and set all my notifications. Perfect! This evening, as I’m contemplating life as many do past the midnight hour, I wanted to add just one more new habit. All originally configured habits had been wiped clean and I was back at the over elaborate overview portion that dumped me into the super generic walk through. Oh, and it lost my upgrade. Then I said, don’t judge to quickly, I had it of mine that I had been tracking, so I reach out to their support. They have a chat feature within the app, doesn’t work, worthless. Once I find I stable habit app, the first habit I will add is to avoid this garbage.

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