Con HandleFiles puoi gestire i tuoi file in modo facile e veloce. HandleFiles è pensata per essere utile e pratica; infatti sarà sempre presente sulla barra di stato e potrai utilizzarla per:

▽ Tagliare e copiare i tuoi file:
‣ sul desktop
‣ in una cartella aperta
‣ nella cartella superiore al file
‣ in qualsiasi altra cartella del computer

▽ Cancellare i tuoi file

▽ Svuotare il cestino

▽ Allegare rapidamente i tuoi file in una nuova mail

Provalo e non potrai più farne a meno!

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Versione 1.1

Aggiunta la lingua italiana

Valutazioni e recensioni

1.8 su 5
6 valutazioni

6 valutazioni

Dr. Psychologist ,

Cut what?

I bought this app rather impulsively hoping that cut meant command x and somehow it would save the image to a folder. Well the instructions are anything for me but clear. In fact, I do not know what it is suppoesed to do.
OK so I drag the icon of your files/folders to be moved to where? the desitniation folder? Will not have to have 2 or more folders open?????
No help file available except for the author's web site which just replicates what is said everywhere else - literally. If you look up reviews, the "reviewer" just what has been stated repeatedly at the author's site. A review????? I think not.
I would wait befor buying something that is unclear as to what it does. Does not desearve any stars yet

Revv. ,

Works as advertised

This is much better than what I was using before to cut and paste files, which was essentially not being able to do it. Coming from Windows, I miss ctl+x. This is nice because it removes the need to line up two finder windows so that the file can be dragged between them, or having to go back to the original window to delete the file after pasting. The ability to cut via a keyboard command (come on Cmd + X….) would make me feel nice and cozy, but I won’t hold my breath. Closing the original finder window (maybe as a preference?) would be sweet as well...

sweetieIR ,

Handle Files Does NOT

The only function that worked was delete. Cut file to and Copy file to did NOT work at all. Even tried with open on startup enabled. No difference. If Mac had this simple action—a move to option—without having to drag and drop I would not be here. Web site did not give any useful info or obvious way to contact.

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