Handy Calculator: nothing unneeded… just functional, convenient and stylish!

•Single-color Apple-style that won’t strain your eyes
•Becomes nearly invisible when inactive!
•Basic functions and big convenient buttons
•Allows you to input a complete formula all at once before having to press [=]
•Understands parentheses too
•Can copy the result to computer memory for use in other documents and calculations
•Copy the current result with a single click on the calculator’s display pane.
•Can paste in any number or calculation sequence.
•Can handle and display long numbers, set through an item in the View menu. Handy for professionals, programmers and scientists.
•Works with any language or keyboard layout!
•Lastly, it’s a convenient and stylish calculator to assist your work and embellish your desktop!

There are all sorts of Mac calculators… pretty ones, beautiful ones… some are nearly works of art. But all this eye-candy can get distracting. So we’ve created a single-colour Apple-style calculator that won’t strain your eyes. Simple yet stylish.

Some calculators have tons of tiny buttons for every function imaginable. But in everyday life, it’s much more useful to have a big convenient [+] button than one for sine. That’s why we decided to equip our calculator with only the most basic functions: +, -, ×, ÷, ± and fractions. Though it can handle parentheses too. It’s got everything needed by the typical computer user, office worker, businessman or schoolchild; and most students too. Everything is handy and user-friendly.

When you’re busy punching in numbers, you often need to see what you did before, to be sure it wasn’t a mistake. With our calculator, you can type in all the numbers and see them together, for example: 5+9+37648-9805+(3879×78). Once you’re sure everything is OK, go ahead and press [=]. You’ll quickly get used to this feature, and won’t want to be without it.

You can copy the current result into your computer’s memory with a single click on our calculator’s display pane, or by pressing [CMD][C]. You can then re-use it in documents or other calculations.

When normal calculators are close to a document, they quickly become distracting. And repeatedly docking/undocking the calculator wastes time and breaks your concentration. We’ve come up with a better solution. When our calculator is active, it’s a bright color; when it’s inactive, it becomes 80% transparent and barely noticeable. Even though it’s still handy right next to your document, it isn’t annoying. This feature turned out to be much more useful than we expected.

[CMD]+[C] = copies calculation result
[CMD]+[V] = pastes calculation result
[CMD]+[H] = hides the calculator
[CMD]+[Q] = completely shuts down the calculator

Handy Calculator: It hooked our friends too!

What’s New

Version 2.3.2

Prevents freezing in some circumstances

Support for retina displays
Ready for OS X El Capitan
Switch view mode without restart

Ratings and Reviews

Symon32478239847 ,

Excellent calculator

Excellent calculator. It took a bit of getting used to, but the way you can go back and edit your calculations is better than any other free calculator on the market. For instance, if you enter 2*2 and press equal but want to do 2*3 instead, you can simply delete the 3 and press equal, rather than entering the entire calc again. Try it and you’ll see its different than other calculators.

SocraticWisdom ,

Intuitive Simplicity

This is the calculator I ended up being content with for stock calculation. It allows me to calculate a number and still be able to see it while working on another piece of software. Though it could be more robust, it is still handy for what it is. The only complaint I have is that it is NOT easy to move between Desktops. When you 3-Finger up and try to move the calculator to another Desktop, it disappears. To move it you essentially have to exit, switch Desktops, then re-open. However I have had it then resort back to the Desktop it was originally opened on.

The final conclusion is, it’s a simple calculator that makes constant calc-to-excel work a lot easier. It is free, does math, and works with your work flow. A little bit of patience and discipline covers the short downfall.

Dak1996 ,

Handy Calculator

This simple calculator is exactly what I was looking for when making entries into my budget spreadsheet. I am usually adding or subtracting strings of numbers on it so I need to verify all of those entries before hitting the = button. However there is a disconcerting problem that crops up when my entries go to two or three lines. When entering a string of numbers that goes beyond the right edge of the first line, it drops down to the next line right in the middle of my entry resulting in half the number on the first line and the rest on the second line. This of course makes it more difficult to verify my entries.


Yevgeniy Muravyev
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OS X 10.6.6 or later, 64-bit processor



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