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¡Se ha producido una tragedia en el mundo mágico y solo tú puedes responder a la llamada y ayudar al Ministerio de Magia a restablecer el equilibrio! De los creadores de Pokémon GO, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite es el juego de realidad aumentada (RA) que te permite interactuar con el mundo mágico de una forma completamente nueva. Descubre algunos de los personajes y criaturas mágicas más representativos de las sagas de Harry Potter y Animales fantásticos, como Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore y Newt, así como dragones, hipogrifos, escarbatos… Todos ellos han cobrado vida gracias a la RA.

◆ Utiliza la innovadora RA para revivir algunos de tus momentos favoritos de las sagas de Harry Potter y Animales fantásticos y encontrar cientos de artefactos mágicos, criaturas, personajes y recuerdos del mundo mágico.
◆ Descubre la magia en tu entorno mientras diferentes puntos de interés del mundo real, como parques, museos o murales se transforman en tabernas, fortalezas e invernaderos mágicos para ayudarte en tu aventura.
◆ Utiliza los trasladores y permite que, gracias a las lentes de RA inmersiva, la magia te traslade a tus lugares favoritos del mundo mágico, como la tienda de varitas Ollivander, el despacho de Dumbledore, la cabaña de Hagrid y muchos más.

◆ Aprende poderosos hechizos y, a medida que subes de nivel, desbloquea recompensas únicas que, junto a las clases del entrenamiento proporcionado por el Ministerio de Magia, te ayudarán en tu aventura.
◆ Consigue ingredientes que te permitan elaborar pociones con diferentes efectos, como poderosos brebajes de los que hasta el profesor Snape se sentiría orgulloso.
◆ Selecciona una profesión mágica y aprende habilidades únicas. Derrota a magos tenebrosos como auror, domestica animales fantásticos como magizoólogo o domina hechizos para cualquier situación como profesor.

◆ Enfréntate a peligrosos enemigos en los desafíos mágicos, batallas multijugador en tiempo real contra mortífagos, hombres lobo, acromántulas y muchos más. Forma equipo con tus amigos y cread una estrategia para poner a vuestro favor hasta los desafíos mágicos más difíciles.
◆ Súbete al autobús noctámbulo en dirección a la fortaleza de Hogwarts y participa desde casa en desafíos mágicos con jugadores de todo el mundo.
◆ Recoge útiles recursos mágicos en los puntos de interés del mundo real y envíaselos a tus amigos con los regalos del juego.

Prepara tu varita, avisa a tus amigos y apúntate para proteger el mundo mágico. Las Fuerzas Oscuras no tienen ninguna posibilidad cuando los magos y brujas se unen. ¡Tu aventura mágica te espera!

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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite se desarrolla y distribuye por Niantic, Inc. y WB Games San Francisco como parte de Portkey Games, una marca que se encarga de crear videojuegos del mundo mágico para conseguir que el jugador se sienta protagonista de las historias originales de J.K. Rowling.


Versión 2.17

Se corrigió el error de compra en iOS que impedía a algunos jugadores comprar o recibir artículos de cortesía en el callejón Diagon.
Se corrigieron los errores relacionados con la activación y desactivación de la función Sincroaventura
Se corrigió el error que causaba que el juego dejara de responder cuando los jugadores entraban a la aplicación desde las notificaciones push.
Se corrigieron los errores del boletín del EDS.
Se corrigió un error que causaba que los jugadores fueran expulsados de los encuentros de adversarios si no se enfrentaban a un enemigo durante dos rondas
Se ajustó el árbol de entrenamiento del EDS para que el nodo Gastronomía sureña no bloquee el progreso y acceso a otros nodos.

Valoraciones y reseñas

4.6 de 5
147.5 mil valoraciones

147.5 mil valoraciones

piggy2.0 ,

Awesome but I would like a new feature

On your ministry ID it would be cool if a profession was professional quidditch player. it would be really cool if you added that. This game is good right now because it gets players moving during quarantine. Also I would like to say that the energy And coins gets annoying. If you don’t have enough you have to buy some and no one wants to keep buying stuff for a game over and over. I read in the other reviews that others were having that issue to. Also In the vault you can delete items. I would like it to ask twice instead of once to delete an item because I accidentally deleted a very useful potion. In the chambers In Hogwarts it doesn’t let me switch back to AR so can u make that easier please. Since we are in quarantine I would like it if more objects came closer to me because we can’t leave the house as much as before. Also I live in a small community and I have to ride my bike half a mile to town hall to visit an inn and find traces. Also you have to spend money to fill energy.
Other than that whole paragraph this game is great. You should try adding a hogsmeade. Thank You for taking your time to read my Review and I hope you take my suggestions into consideration.
-Addicted Player

Tamillee ,

Very fun, but could use some tweaks

I really enjoy playing this’s fun, I enjoy the story line, picking a profession, and all that stuff. However, there are a few things that I think would make the game significantly better. 1) It’s been said by many already—spell energy. Can their be other ways to obtain this? Specifically for people in rural areas where inns and greenhouse and few and far between. Can we earn like 1 spell energy every 30 minutes or something? It would be awesome to be able to wake up with a full energy bank each day, and would also make me want to play the game more frequently because I know that I could. 2) Can Masterful casts actually mean something? It’s pretty stupid that a low level threat can resist a masterful cast. What’s the point in trying to get a masterful cast if all you get is XP? There is literally no other perk, as it doesn’t at all seem to affect your likelihood of capturing a foundable. I have defeated a high level threat on a “good” cast, but had a low level threat depart after a masterful cast? Seems stupid and pointless to have casting ability only count toward XP. 3) Storage. I know this has been said by others as well, but it’s annoying to constantly have to delete ingredients/potions...particularly if you’re trying to stock up for a Wizard battle. I realize this is to make people spend actual money buying coin to increase their storage, but it really makes me want to play the game less...not more.

Vixen497 ,

Really 3.5, but there’s no half option

I agree that it’s a lot of fun for Harry Potter fans, and there are a lot of fun features. But in the American version, it’s hard to find inns unless they’re literally right there (within a mile) because you can’t zoom out on the map in game to find an inn nearby (I.e. within 5 mi) (and the online maps don’t work well either). I also don’t like that the game isn’t as intuitive as Pokémon Go—there’s a learning curve, and right now I’m not sure what I’m doing or how to work things. It would be nice if here was somewhere to go to review the storyline as well, because there’s a lot of moving pieces and it’s a little hard to follow. Also, the graphics are shoddy in some places (especially the people—Ginny was very slender in the movies, yet she looks overweight in the graphics, Luna is only recognizable because she’s he only one that wears that hat, Neville does not look all there, etc.). and the profile pictures will update on our personal app, but our friends can’t see it (my husband and I play together, and we will have to show each other our phones to show each other our profile pics). I realize it’s like this in Pokémon Go too, but I also don’t like that you would regularly have to travel to different countries to get everything (e.g. that awesome opal eye dragon in about a week). So you would have to be incredibly rich to get everything. BUT there’s a lot to do and explore, and I am mostly having fun with it.

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