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Get a quick overview of your hotspots with HeliumGeek. Monitor their status and see if they're up and in sync. Stay informed with instant push notifications when your hotspots go inactive or go down. With our watchful eye, you'll never miss a beat.

Track your rewards easily with HeliumGeek. Our app offers:
• Quick access to your earnings with our widgets displayed on your home screen.
• Get notified with every reward earned - activate reward alerts for push notifications.
• View your rewards in HNT, USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AED, TRY, or UAH.

Stay up-to-date on your rewards with HeliumGeek. Our app highlights which activities earn you the most rewards and provides a recent rewards timeline. Analyze your coverage radius and see how far your hotspots reach. Rate the transmission scale of the hotspots you've witnessed.

• HeliumGeek is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed, or officially connected with the Helium Network (helium.com).
• HeliumGeek does not offer a wallet or any mechanism to earn, buy, sell, or transfer HNT.
• Exchange rate data provided by CoinGecko.com.

For more information, see our Privacy Policy (https://heliumgeek.com/privacy-policy.html) and Terms and Conditions (https://heliumgeek.com/terms-conditions.html).


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** New Pro Feature: Wallet Monitoring Emails for Mobile Hotspots **

Managing a mobile fleet just got easier! With the complex structure of mobile PoC rewards and the numerous factors to monitor, HeliumGeek is here to help lighten the load. While our regular monitoring notifications assist you in promptly detecting and fixing hotspot issues, the volume of notifications can become overwhelming when managing a large number of hotspots. Our iOS app introduces a new set of fleet monitoring capabilities for our Pro subscribers, ensuring your hotspots perform optimally.

Stay informed without lifting a finger. HeliumGeek offers automated, periodic email reports that summarize the health and performance of your mobile fleet. These reports are tailored to your needs, ensuring you get the information that matters most, all designed to reduce effort and keep your mobile rewards as high as possible.

Our email reports categorize issues by type and severity, while also highlighting new issues alongside ongoing ones. Additionally, the reports showcase recovered issues and long-lasting or ignored issues separately to decrease noise. You can monitor multiple wallets, with all issues for all wallets reported in a single email at your preferred interval.

When you receive the email report, simply tap on the hotspot names, and HeliumGeek will launch and display the hotspot information, allowing you to check more details in the app.

** Improved Speedtest Reporting **

We’ve made a minor change to improve clarity in our speedtest results. Now, we display the actual speedtest measurement timestamp instead of the timestamp when the average of speedtests is calculated. Additionally, we’ve color-coded the delay compared to the speedtest measurement timestamp for better visibility.

Update now and enjoy these enhancements to make managing your mobile hotspots even more efficient!

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2,2 B Oy

2,2 B Oy

ifeignit ,

App has been very helpful, UX could be a little better

Love all the near-real-time data this app provides! Don’t even bother with the official Helium app for tracking your miner, I knew my friend’s miner was offline before he did because he doesn’t use HeliumGeek! That said, I wish I could customize the displayed units beyond the main screen - for example the transaction history. Better yet, let me display HNT and fiat at the same time. Secondly the subscription, I’m happy to support this app but I wish it was more clear that the rewards tracking and reachability tracker were separate. There isn’t even the option to subscribe to reachability tracking until the miner is synced. Maybe a settings menu that shows all the subscription options and currency settings etc would be beneficial to the overal UX? One final thing that is more of a wish than a critique - I wish there were an option to view 24hr earnings based on location instead of the rolling 24 hour period that every single Helium tracker out there uses

Geliştirici Yanıtı ,

Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate it.

Can you please write us within the application about the last location based 24hr earning? We just need to understand the need better

sharden5171 ,

Best App for Helium. Period.

Seriously, no need to look any further. This is all you need to monitor your hotspot. Shows real-time reachability data, real time activity, etc. Also love that is shows both Witnessed and Witnesses. There is a huge difference between what those two mean, and many people are unaware of that. I have just once minor suggestion that I’ll add below…

I recently purchased the add-on that alerts me when I received a reward. My only “criticism”: keep that alert in terms of HNT, not USD. With the price of HNT always fluctuating, this really isn’t a good metric to use. I know the alert shows both, but I would just get rid of the USD value completely.

Overall though, this app is fantastic. I have seriously told so many people about this app and no one knows it exists. I don’t even check the official helium app/explore page anymore. HeliumGeek is the only thing I use.

Geliştirici Yanıtı ,

Thank you so much for your review!

BigBad/Bobby ,

My Views on Helium Geek

As a person that owns 7 hotspots Helium geek gives me the simple opportunity to keep track of all 7 hotspots in the touch of a button, I can within seconds of opening the app tell which hotspots are online and which are offline so easily as I know each hotspots daily behavior patterns. What’s also incredible about Helium Geek is that I can follow other neighboring hotspots to see how my hotspots are performing next to ones in the same area! On a final note, Helium Geek is the only Helium app that allows you to see every single miners lifetime earnings as well as the number of days since that miner was first activated! I use Helium Geek and more than any other Helium App. By far! This is a very impressive app in my humble opinion.

Geliştirici Yanıtı ,

Thank you for your review BigBad/Bobby. It is a pleasure to hear you find HeliumGeek useful. Such comments are encouraging us to put more effort on the app. 🎈

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