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Build your very own Kawaii theme park with the help of adorable Sanrio characters!
Now with your own personal avatar!
Freely coordinate outfits for your characters!
The sequel to the popular theme park simulation game!

The sequel to Hello Kitty World, the popular theme park simulation game with over 5 million downloads worldwide!
From Hello Kitty and My Melody to Pompompurin, Kiki & Lala, Kuromi, and Cinnamoroll, the game features a huge cast of Sanrio's beloved characters!
Now you can see your own personal avatar in the park! It's now possible to coordinate outfits with Sanrio’s adorable fashion styles.
Craft decorations for your favorite characters and create your very own special park!

It’ll be the only one of its kind in the world! Make your very own theme park.
Decorate the park how you want to with cute attractions!
Freely place your attractions with original designs based on Sanrio characters throughout your park!

A huge cast of Sanrio characters.
The game features a wide array of Sanrio's beloved characters like Hello Kitty and My Melody, Pompompurin, Kiki & Lala, Kuromi, and Cinnamoroll! Not to mention, there are even more popular characters due to be released!

Tons of clothing items to choose from!
You can even change the outfits on the characters as well!
Your personal avatar will appear in the park!
The avatar's cute design is something right out of the Sanrio universe, and you can even dress your character to your own fashion tastes!

Play with friends!
Take a trip to your friends’ parks and help water their plants!
You can collect magic apples to use in your own park!
Easily interact with others using stamps to advance your level together!

Recommended for people who:
・Love charming Sanrio characters like Hello Kitty and My Melody, Pompompurin, Kiki & Lala, Kuromi, and Cinnamoroll, Charmmy Kitty,
・Are looking for a game where you can play with these Sanrio characters,
・Love animals,
・Want to dress up an avatar in adorable outfits,
・Enjoy auto-play games (especially during your free time),
・Enjoy character-raising games (town-development),
・Enjoy farming games (ranch),
・Are looking to feel warm and fuzzy (comfort),
・And enjoy watering plants (strolls).


バージョン 7.2.4

Adding new material, etc.






The game is really cute and i'm obsessed with it never got any crashes or experienced anything bad with the game but there is some things i would recommend for the game to make it better.

For when you edit the world like you want to remove things and stuff i think it would be much easier for the roads to be removed all at once like an option where you choose if you want to remove all roads or you can pick which ones you want removed this also goes with the shops you make food out of or the parade tent and the house and so on i think it would be much easier to get them removed with rest of the stuff so i can edit everything all at once without having to remove stuff around.

For the accessories and clothes etc i think it would be better to add more stuff to it like every time these is a new theme you add a new clothing item that kinda matches or so on and for the wishes option it would be so much easier to get to buy apples with the coins like 1000 for 5apples and so on.

Overall the game is really cute and im addicted to it, just some stuff that need to be added and it will be better because i have a hard time removing all roads and all of that it takes a very long time.🤍

Airee Grace

Boring after leveling up, everything needs to be paid for.

Soooo many things blocked behind a paywall. I noticed the gatcha will spit out the same things after a while regardless of how many times you play the same one, unless you purchase one of the packages for a bunch of apple and tickets which is super uncool. Way too often does the one ticket or 200 apples I have to work really hard and save up for a long time to get does the gatcha spit out the same item, which I need to have happen TEN times to be able to purchase another ticket with the duplicate items, only for it to spit out another duplicate item AGAIN.

There’s no games or anything to play on it so it gets extremely boring. If you miss logging in for one day you no longer get gatcha tickets every day, you only get them once a week. It’s been a month already where it’s been this way which is totally unfair, why am I literally being punished? Getting new stuff for the park is the only fun thing you can do and it’s nearly impossible to do unless I pay a bunch of money for it, which I’m not going to do. There’s not even any games to play on here, it’s literally just building the park, why would I pay money? This app needs like a whole new concept that includes game and fair play for everyone not just paying users, you make your money through the ads this is ridiculous. Deleting!


Change coin collector, problem with gacha ticket exchange, and Bring back Kawaii town

There needs to be more stuff to keep you playing....once you get things done you don’t need to come back for hours...
I wish you would bring back the hello kitty game, kawaii town. It was the best hello kitty game yet...also, this game would be so much better if you would make the automatic coin collector work a little different....I don’t see the point in it collecting from rides, but it would be great if you had it collecting coins from popular buildings....What is the point to having popular buildings that are actually stores without having them collecting coins from sales in those stores....would be a better game with those building being more than just a decoration and give people more to do, which keeps you interested in the game longer...it’s not fair that when you get something double from your gacha ticket that it only gives you like 10 points towards something else...I spent my gacha ticket to get something, so if it gives you a double it is only fair that you can exchange it for something else right then...I have gotten two doubles so far and still can’t buy anything in exchange and that’s not fair


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