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Hidden lets you hide menu bar items to give your Mac a cleaner look.

- Launch at login
- Auto-hide after 5/10/15/30/60 seconds
- Show/hide with global shortcut
- Full menu bar mode
- RTL languages supported.

If you require any further information or feature, feel free to contact us: macos@d.foundation


版本 1.8

The new version of Hidden bar release with a bunch of features and bugs fixed
New mode: Use the full menu bar on expanding. Users with a small screen like MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13 inch going to happy with this feature ( thanks many people raise the idea and correct the function name, you know it you :) )

Always hidden feature now doesn’t require restarting the app.

We also add a tutorial for the "Always hidden" feature.

New icons for the app, more consistent with the latest macOS (thank @p-z-l)

The Vietnamese language now supported.

Many languages add to the app. Many thanks to the people who help us localize the app.
@C-uo, @p-z-l for Japanese - Chinese
Eberhard Woentz for German
@AmrIKhudair for Arabic
@skeithtan for French (fr)
@p-z-l for RTL language support.


4.6(满分 5 分)
339 个评分

339 个评分


Great little utility

A couple small suggestions for the developers:
A note explaining how the clock might change would be helpful. For me, the clock was losing the date when the hidden icons were collapsed. I fixed this by changing the Dock & Menu Bar system preferences from "show date when space allows" to "show date always".
I don't know if this second suggestion is even possible, but... it would be great if the Hidden Bar icon (the small <) could also be hidden. Maybe just an option to pick the color of the icon so I could get something very close to the background color of the menu bar?
Again, this is a great little utility. I've had it for only a few minutes, and I already love it. Thank you so much for making this available to everyone!


Exactly the thing i needed

If you want to have multiple apps easy-access in your menu bar, but only want to see some more than others, then this is the app for you. When I open chrome, the things like "File," "Edit," "View," ect. take up half of the menu bar when I open it, and all apps I have linked to my menu bar are hidden because of this. Most of the time its the apps that I need that are hidden, but this app solves that problem for me. With 'Hidden Bar,' I'm able to choose which apps I want sabotaged by chrome's overbearing presence in the menu bar, which is a huge help. Thank you hidden bar!!! Excellent app!!

Prof SB

Excellent with one major annoyance

This is a fantastic alternative to Bartender, but it has one REALLY annoying quirk. Whenever you install a new program that adds a menu icon, it automatically gets added to the Always Hidden section rather than to the Always Visible section.

This is a really strange/dumb design choice, because if you didn't know the new app was going to have a menu icon, you never will unless you happen to be looking through the hidden icons and find it. Also, since I don't install new apps super frequently, I sometimes find myself forgetting that Hidden Bar does this. As a result, I'll sometimes think the app isn't working properly or isn't running because I don't see it in the menu bar.

I have to dock it 1 star for this bizarre decision. Otherwise, it'd be a 5-star app!

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