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“Hi Sandy” APP is UAE’s First NO COMMISSION Platform that connects you to a large data-base of properties, enabling you to find the right home whether for sale or rent.

“Hi Sandy” has been designed to provide property seekers in UAE with a very rich and reliable experience. Based on a technological expertise, hi sandy allows buyers and sellers to connect easily, in a hassle free and timesaving process. Property seekers can now discover cheap deals of villas, mansions, houses, apartments and studios.

“Hi Sandy” connects you with the property owners directly, allowing you to negotiate prices, terms, and conditions of your desired property, and no commission to be paid.

Direct from Developers: “Hi Sandy” APP gives you an access to all UAE’s Developers projects whether ready or off-plan. Get exclusive deals and promotions over top projects from developers as well as Cash back.

Hi sandy is a two-in-one app start, it offers both online and offline services, it undertakes on-ground documents collections and facilitates the contracts signing process.
“Hi Sandy” provides exceptional service including online documentation pickup and delivery service, on-site viewing, and documents handling such as (Lease and sale agreement).

• Feature your property for either sale or rent for FREE.
• Customize your search using filters like price, location, area, number of beds and more
• Sort your results by area, price, date posted and popularity for a seamless experience
• Compare 2 units at the same time to get a wide overview.
• Negotiate the price of your desired unit with the owner.
• Request for on-site viewing and one of our consultants will show you around.
• Book your desired unit online and pay the small fixed service charge.

Give Us Your Feedback
Once you’ve tried the app, we’d love to hear what you thought of it. Your feedback will contribute in the improvement of our service.


版本 3.2.5

1. Fix IOS13 incompatibility.
2. Fix the flashback of some models.


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6 个评分

6 个评分


App is not working

First of all, the app is not working .second , if you think that real estate agents are useless , you’ve been unlucky. As I’m not sure the creators of this app are qualified enough to check all documents , get all final bills , and prepare the property for moving in. And in most of the cases, good real estate agent can negotiate on your behalf much better than you do it yourself . Check adds directly from the landlords on property portals , and you will see that prices are 15-20% higher , than the same types advertising from the agents..
So my question is - what’s the purpose of this app, where are you getting your properties , and how does it work ?


Hello Benanna,

Thank you for your feedback. We do not intend to be perfect as we launch the app in January, 2019 but we are constantly improving our process aiming to cater for our registered users. Therefore, we believe the app works and we will soon reach your expectations as well.

We have a team of specialized and certified people able to do all the necessary paper work, 80% of our staff have 10+ years experience in the UAE's real estate market.

Please be informed that Hi Sandy is not involved in the listing process nor in setting the property prices. The property owners are listing themselves, setting the prices but the beauty of our app is that clients can always negotiate and reach their targeted budget.

Another advantage we have is that all the properties are unique and real. We do not post same property with different prices just because we need to create a client database as an well-known custom from the agents.

The purpose of our app: creating a real estate transparent environment where both parties can find what are they looking for: if owner - real customers for properties and if customer (tenant or buyer) - properties directly from owner, with negotiable price and withing the searched area.

2nd Question: Properties are coming to us. The property owner downloads the app, upload their property and their title deed. Our team goes to confirm it, taking pictures and writing accurate description.

3rd. The process is very simple. Kindly call our customer service at (+971) 43814570 or email us at talktosandy@hi-sandy.com if you encounter any issues.

We hope our answers were matching your questions and were clarifying all the points. Please let us know how we can assist you further.


Out of date and 20% more expensive than property apps

There is no info on when properties were placed so no idea how relevant prices are. 95% of properties I searched were at least 20% more expensive than properties in the same building on other property apps that charge commission.

Great idea, poorly executed.

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