More than 400 supplications have been recorded in it, all authenticated by the hadith specialist shaykh Muhammed Nâsir ad-din al-Albani (may allah have mercy upon him)

Hisnii (My Fortress) in English is "The Fortress of the Muslim" but more complete and with the additional benefit of a completely revised authentication.

Hisnii is an app that relies on the most famous books of supplications in order to offer the community a complete work that meets its needs in terms of supplications and reminders, and this on a daily basis.
In order to achieve this, the work for "Hisnii" has mainly focused on the following books:

- The Quran for the supplications taken from Allah's Book

- Sahîh al-'Adhkar by Muhammad Ibn Hasan ash-Shaykh

This book of supplications that is little known among the Anglophones is a standard of the genre among the Arabic-speaking community. It distinguishes itself from the very famous book called Hisn al Muslim (The Fortress of the Muslim) by two major characteristics, namely that it uses only authentic hadiths based on the work of authentication of the great contemporary hadith specialist (muhaddith) Shaykh Muhammad Nâsir ad-Dîn al-Albani (may Allah have mercy upon him).

- Hisnul Muslim by Sa'id al-Qahtani (The Fortress of the Muslim), which is well-known among the Anglophones.

- Tuhfat al-Akhiyâr min Sahîh al-Ad'iyati wa-l-Adhkâr with the annotations of the scholars al-Albani, Ibn Baz and Ibn Uthaymeen.

And many others ...


• More than 440 supplications of which 56 du'as from the Holy Quran (Rabbana).

• Supplications organized in 24 categories (supplications for sleep, for the morning time, for fasting, for the pilgrimage, for marriage, for the prayer, ...)

• New quality audio for each supplications; specially designed for non-Arabic speakers.

• Repetition mode for learning the supplications.

• Beautiful supplications from the Holy Quran recited by Sa'd El Ghâmidî.

• Priceless treasures. (All the virtues of invocations grouped in the same spot).

• Reminder of the day (Get daily, short beneficial reminders (hadith, verse...)

• Themes.

• Widget.

• Reminders: times and places.

• Search engine.

• Phonetic transliteration (not included for Rabbana)

• Favorites option.

• Font size settings.

• Sharing supplications and reminders of the days in images.

• Available in English, French and Arabic.


أكثر من ٤٤٠ دعاء صحيحا مستخرجا من الكتاب والسنة صححها كلها المحدث الشيخ محمد ناصر الدين الألباني رحمه الله

حصني تطبيق يعتمد على أشهر المصنفات في الدعاء.. وذلك لتقديم عمل شامل للأمة الإسلامية يتفق مع حاجاتهم اليومية المتعلقة بالأدعية والأذكار. ولأجل ذلك فقد جمعنا أدعية "حصني" من المصادر الآتية

القرآن الكريم

صحيح الأذكار وهو من جمع محمد بن حسن الشيخ، ويُعَد هذا الكتيب من كتب الأذكار، وإن لم يعرف عند كثير من الناطقين بالإنجليزية فإنه مرجع في بابه عند العرب

حصن المسلم لسعيد القحطاني

تحفة الأخيار من صحيح الأدعية والأذكار مع تعليقات لأصحاب الفضيلة – الألباني ، ابن باز، العثيمين
وغير هؤلاء من الكتب العظيمة

مميزات التطبيق

أكثر من ٤٤٠ دعاء منها (٥٦) دعاء بلفظ "ربنا" مستخرجة من القرآن الكريم بصوت الشيخ سعد الغامدي•

كما أن الأدعية والأذكا مقسمة إلى ٢٤ قسما منها أذكار النوم، أذكار الصباح، أذكار الصيام، أذكار الحج، أذكار النكاح•

الكنوز المدَخرة: بيان فضائل الأذكار•

فائدة اليوم: كل يوم، احصل على حديث النبي (صلى الله عليه و سلم) أو آية قرآنية•

تنبيهات بالأماكن أو الأوقات•

كما أن لكل دعاء تسجيلا صوتيا في عالية الجودة مصمما خاصة لغير الناطقين بالعربية•

وضع التكرار لحفظ الأذكار•

محرك للبحث•

إضافة للمفضلات•

تعديل حجم الخط•

مشاركة فائدة اليوم و الأذكار بالنص او صورة•

متوفر بالغة العربية و الإنجلزية و الفرنسية•

What’s New

Version 7.4

- Now supporting the latest iOS 11 version
- Congratulation on your new iPhone X, Enjoy Hisnii on your new device
- حصني الأن يدعم اخر إصدارات نظام آبل
- نبارك لك حصولك على الآي-فون عشرة، ويمكنك الاستمتاع بحصني على هاتفك الجديد

Ratings and Reviews

4.8 out of 5
477 Ratings

477 Ratings

ZeeKay26 ,


Hisnii is an app I recommend to all Muslims and those who are still wondering about Islam. Subhanallah! (Glory be to Allah -Perfect are his actions) This is a must have on your phone - for everyone. Reverts, this is a gem. I’m not just saying this because of what the app promises, but that the app delivers on its promises. The fact that it is FREE is astonishing. As the developers and other supporters have given this to the ummah for free, May Allah grant them all Jannatul Fridaus (highest level of Jannah) and through this sadaqah jariyah (continuous charity), May Allah forgive all of their past, present, and future sins and put light into their lives. Ameen!

Please respond to Violettay’s review on the platform as posting an unauthentic Hadith concerns me because, just like she said, who knows what else could be wrong. Please remember that it is a grave sin to share false knowledge because it is corruption in the sight of Allah. Of course, I’m giving you all of the benefits of doubt that there must be a reason why this happened. Sister, If you ever come across this, AsSalamu Alaikum Warahmatullah Wabarakatuh! Happy for you and so glad you are part of the ummah. May Allah grant you jannah. Ameen!

هارون الأمريكى ,

Excellent app! For Muslims & non-Muslims!

I've found this app some time ago and have recommended it to Muslims, those who understand Arabic and those who can't, as well as, those new and born into the religion. I also recommend for non-Muslims and currently use it to give instructions on al-Islam, from Tawheed, to acts of worship, interpersonal relationships, to the daily affairs of the Muslims... Beautiful job! Keep building.

Violettay ,

Used to love this app...

So I’m a convert and I used this app for years because I enjoyed the list of duas and how organized they were. When they updated things and started showing a daily hadith I thought “oh cool”. Until yesterday that is, posting a hadith saying more women go to Hell than men. I see this everywhere, constantly, and as a woman and a convert it gets tiring hearing how I am a problem and sinful just because of how I was born. I did some research and found out that hadith isn’t even authentic. I had to remove the app, I see enough ridiculousness about how awful we are and I didn’t need to see it so casually in my face. My imaan gets so low when I see things like that. If they posted an inaccurate and inauthentic hadith, who knows what else in this is false? I think I’ll feel more comfortable finding my duas elsewhere.


Fahed Mahidi
81.3 MB

Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


English, Arabic, French

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