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Ultimate ASMR game!

Ready to restore houses and sell it to the highest bidder!

Buy ruined houses and make it glow again!
Fill the cracks, fix the floor and clean everything!
Finally, furnish the house and it is ready to sell!


Privacy Policy: https://bit.ly/2WnrJzi
Terms of use: https://bit.ly/2YSx0QY


Sürüm 2.06

- Minor bug fixes.
- Performance improvements.

Oylar ve Yorumlar

39,3 B Oy

39,3 B Oy

Critique...😒 ,

Really cool game...

First of all, I think this game is pretty well made and it has some concepts that other games of this genre don’t. I’ve found after awhile that it gets kinda boring because you’re just doing the same things over and over. Maybe in a future update the developers could make it so that you can upgrade a whole house. It would also be cool to have more upgrading options such as a leaky roof, or a pest infestation. The last thing I would like to see is more furniture options. You’re really limited to how you can style your house and what it will look like. Maybe there could be some sort of store to be able to buy cool items or even a competition to get people more involved. Sorry for this long review, but I hope the developers are able to add these things!😌

gikika ,

I like it but...- Corin Cook

I have never seen so many ads in one app. The amount of ads in this game is ridiculous. By downloading this app you spend more time watching ads then you would be playing the actual game. But, the time that I spent playing the game was fun, mesmerizing, and satisfying. This is a good game to relax and relieve stress. But when there is so many ads, it hard to want to continue playing the game. It makes it unplayable. I would also like to give some feedback on the selling point. I wish that you could consider all of your offers, and then go back and pick the best one. Right now when your selling home you are given three buyers but you can only see one at a time. By skipping one, you are unable to go back and get your best offer. The only way to do so is to watch another ad! I hope this review is taken into consideration. Maybe dial down on some of the ads. Over all it is a pretty good game. It’s a bit hard to play the game when you are being interrupted almost every 5 seconds. But over all it’s a good game.

~Wolfie~ Hello! ,

Love the game, not the ads..

I would rate this a 5-star game, it’s amazing! But.. Why do you think I did not rate it 5-star? Because.. it has too many ads? Because it is not appropriate for ages 4+ though it said it is? Both of those, either way are correct. The ads are 𝕋𝕆𝕆 inappropriate!! The ads contain the following mild/intense sexual dating, and nudity! I would say that is 17+!! Each time you try to build something or restore it, AN AD POPS UP. The ad doesn’t let you get out of it, so you get out of the app, (home restoration) come back, and you start ALL over again, not saying this game is bad, it’s great, I would give it a 3 - star, but no, it contains in-app purchases and it MAKES you pay!! It adds it to your credit card! No, I would not recommend this game. (So sorry for any spelling errors, or wrong punctuation. I am writing this from a teenager’s perspective.)Thank you for taking your time to read this.
It is greatly appreciated.

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